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  1. softshop

    bulk ad network

    Hello what is a bulk ad network and what it differ from SEO ad and social media ad thanks
  2. MartinaMobiniti

    Official Mobiniti can boost your ROI up to 2000%

    Am Martina from Mobiniti , USA SMS Tier 1 company, if u are interested , i want to offer you sms bulk services at good prices for your traffic. Am working in SMS Telecom already 8 years and working with affiliate traffic , marketing and lead generation around 5 years. I have clients that are...
  3. S

    Bulk e-mail. Please advise

    Hey guys! Which bulk e-mail solutions do you use ? didnt want to make an anti advertisment. But tried a lot and open rate is very very slooooow
  4. goraz1

    Selling KIDGURU.Info - BULK URL SHORTNER - Never Get Banned Again Due TO Domain BAN is a PHP URL shortener packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, powerful dashboard. Furthermore, it will keep getting better with each update! - Frame your url and never expose your real...
  5. M

    Need bulk email list but how?

    A lot of affiliates using bulk email list for sending out affiliate campaigns… But how are they finding so high volume of list with permission? I would like to know how to find bulk email list for the nordic countries like sweden, norway, denmark and finland?
  6. M

    Types of data

    can anyone tell me which types of data that exist in e-mail marketing? Which are the cheapest, most expensive, most responsive, etc.
  7. M

    Getting e-mail permission

    Well... Does anyone in here know How i might could get permissions from a Big list i have right now without any opt in/permission? Would it be possible to send a sign up form to Them? Does anyone have other suggestions?
  8. N

    Need help in PowerMTA

    Hello all ! this is my first post in this forum, i have read so many interesting threads and i'm willing to contribute soon, but now i'm having an issue with PowerMTA i have installed it in a vps and it doesn't seem working while sending, i get this message : Connection attempt failed, status =...
  9. M

    Mass/bulk email

    Hello I have heard that some affiliates use mass emails and sending out millions of emails every day... AND they do not have any permissions to send campaigns to the emails list... How can they send campaigns to them without getting in trouble? Anyone that can help me with this?