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  1. K

    4 Platforms That Got Me Lots Of Traffic And Conversions

    There are a few platforms that make it relatively easy to get lots of traffic. These sorts of platforms could be really helpful if you focus on posting more of helpful content. So, let's dive into it. 1. Medium: Medium is the first platform I use to drive traffic and get some conversions...
  2. P

    Hello I am Amber

    Hello, I am Blogger and content marketer. I published content on blogging and SEO.
  3. Honeybadger

    FREE Wordpress Blogging Course

    Just received this by email from Wordpress Sign up here
  4. Honeybadger

    Google's 12 best SEO practices for bloggers

    Google migrated content from Webmaster Central to Search Central & updated advice for bloggers and copywriters to get visibility in Google search Write well and often Follow the Webmaster Guidelines Categorize your posts Make sure users (and crawlers) can easily find your blog If necessary...
  5. innovativelee

    Viral Election News Site

    Hey Fixers! What are your thoughts on starting an election site and adding affiliate links or cpa offers embedded into the content? News sites such as cnn, buzzfeed, dailybeast, etc does this. In fact, most of these sites have native ads. Politics ignites an inner fire. I don't mind...
  6. Honeybadger

    How to Write Blog Posts that Convert

    Found this guide buried in on Amazon Associates help web site Some of it is elementary but I learned new tactics also How to write an Affiliate Marketing blogpost that converts
  7. P

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I joined this community because I am interested in learning more on everything marketing - affiliate, content, digital, social, others - and I also would love to spread my knowledge to others. Thanks for welcoming me! Have a great day :)
  8. Gavi

    Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

    Remove anything that slows down your site. Link to other websites with relevant content. ... Write for humans first, search engines second. ... Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you. ... Have web analytics in place at the start. ... Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for...
  9. B

    YouTube dominating Google search results...

    Hi guys, I am doing affliate marketing through SEO and blogging, however I am struggling researching a niche. I managed to find a sports niche on providing information on how to become a better player. I found two competitors who were getting a combined 60k traffic a month. However...
  10. R

    Hello Great Minds

    It's a pleasure to be a part of this great and power place where we can learn and earn.I'm an affiliate marketer and. Blogger who wants to learn more as they say knowledge is power. I'm looking forward to meet new friends and get introduced to tools that will skyrocket my business.Thanks a lot
  11. Deeptanshu

    10 Traffic Sources for Business and Internet Marketing Alexa Rank: 271 Alexa Rank: 333 Alexa Rank: 442 Alexa Rank: 535 Alexa Rank: 1002 Alexa Rank: 1108 Alexa Rank: 1300 Alexa Rank: 1841 SocialTimes Alexa Rank: 2962...
  12. Ron C

    Is Starting A Blog Feasible In 2019?

    If you intend to focus on affiliate marketing, do you really need a blog? If yes, how would you start with a new blog and grow it fast in 2019?
  13. Tanay Kumar Das

    5 easy steps to start a successful Blog that can change your business destiny

    A blog is generally a Journal or a diary that is basically published on the internet. The basic purpose of this blog is that to inform, persuade and to notify your target audience about a particular product or services of a company in a creative and attractive manner. A blogger basically tries...
  14. GiorgioGD

    The New Kid On The Block

    Hello everyone, My name is Giorgio and I am from Amsterdam. I have 2 years experience in affiliate marketing and want to be part of this amazing community. I recently started blogging and also created a Youtube account regarding to affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship and motivation. Thanks...
  15. Bloody Tourist

    Why I stopped putting ads on my blogs (and what I do instead)

    Hey Fixers, Let me give something back to the community by explaining why I stopped putting ads on my blogs and what I do instead. Ads suck Let’s be honest here. Ads can be very annoying. They’re not only intrusive but in most cases they slow down your blog, because of all the external crap...
  16. Stencil

    30 best Sites for Free Stock Images in 2018

    I have been using these sites for a while and found very helpful blogger like me. Thought to share to my beloved community as well! 2017-2018 Free Stock Image Sites Free Stock Photos & Videos - SplitShire Startup Stock Photos | Free Tech Stock Photos Free Images and Free Stock Photos - Over...
  17. JasonC424

    Let's Tap Into Affiliate Marketing Together

    Hey all. I am very excited to join this community of Affiliate Marketers. I hope to share and brainstorm with all of you. It will be nice to join people that take affiliate marketing serious and want to see what works and what doesn't work. I am from Wesley Chapel, Florida. Recently moved...
  18. H

    Looking for partners in business...HELP!

    Hi everybody, Greetings! I'm currently building my online ecommerce store and I was wondering if I could hire bloggers, Instagram and forum users to help me drive traffic to my store. Is that possible? I'll give them nice offers so that they like to work with me. If it is possible, can you...
  19. simonbrep

    Guest Bloggers Wanted for Affiliate Marketing Blog

    We always looking for great content on our Affiliate Marketing Blog - if you or anyone you know is an excellent content writer and looking for guest posting opportunities, please send them our way - (PM for more details) The Blog is centred around affiliate marketing, with an emphasis on Email...
  20. Smartregularincome

    Introduction - Smart Regular Income

    Hi Guys. Am happy to be a part of the community. Have just joined now, and wish all the very best in the coming times, to everyone in the community. Would love to make lot of good long term friends here, and so do not hesitate to communicate one on one with me, if you feel like doing so. Am...