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5 easy steps to start a successful Blog that can change your business destiny

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Tanay Kumar Das, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Tanay Kumar Das

    Tanay Kumar Das Affiliate affiliate

    A blog is generally a Journal or a diary that is basically published on the internet. The basic purpose of this blog is that to inform, persuade and to notify your target audience about a particular product or services of a company in a creative and attractive manner. A blogger basically tries to attract the attention of its target audience by informing him/her about new trending news or by giving some core information to some relevant topic.

    Now what are some of the easy steps to use blogs to generate maximum traffic for your website.

    So let’s get in to the details that how can you start a successful blog for yourself.

    Five steps that you can apply to start an effective blog

    Ø The very first step is that to choose a perfect blogging platform, hosting option and domain name.

    Ø Use a simple theme to design your blog in a better way.

    Ø To get the desired look and feel modify your blog on a regular interval.

    Ø Select the best plug-in that satisfies your blogging requirement.

    Ø Write a content that is quite compelling and add value to your readers.

    So, now let’s get in to the details to get a better understanding of the fact that, what are the easy steps you need to follow for making your blog a successful one.

    Domain & Hosting :-

    The very first thing that you need to do before starting an effecting blog for yourself is to book a domain name or buy hosting space to start your blog. For that you can go to blue host for registering your domain. For that you don’t even need the word press set up for building your first page. That is the platform most of us use. The rate for it is $2.95 a month that is applicable for 99% people. Then you can just do simple one click install Word press in your P.C. through Blue Host. If your clients do have any questions then they can contact you through the chat box so that you can improve your blog as per the requirement of your target audience.


    Make your theme attractive so that it could become the soul of your blog. A good theme can provide you the feel and look that you want. If you are not a coder or a nontechnical person then an attractive theme can make your work much easier than ever to establish your concept in the minds of your target audience.

    · Framework

    There are several Word press theme that can make your blog look attractive and presentable. So, one among them is Genesis this is no doubt the best theme to use for your very first blog.

    · Child Theme :-

    After you get the genesis theme the best one is the child theme that suits your dynamic requirement for the presentation of your information to your target audience.

    Modify your Blog:-

    Once you have all the basic stuffs like domain, hosting, theme and Word press platform along with the attractive theme. You just need to modify your blog page on regular interval. After that you need to create a free Feedburner account for making it easy for your potential customers to subscribe and mail you their feed back to you. After that you need to create a free Google analytics account to track your status of growth for your Blog.


    After you have modified your blog page then you need to have plug-ins to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms to make your content Viral as much as possible. For that you can buy WP Beginners Best Word Press plugins to make your blog site reach the target audience that you want to reach through your blog.


    Write a compelling Content so that it can easily attract the attention of your target audience. You can also design a logo for your blog site to create a unique identity of your site in the mind of your target audience. So, now the task of getting good traffic is upto your content quality and texture that you use. Thus to get the best response you need to deliver the best information through your content in your blog site in a creative manner.
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  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    :D Well, learning proper English grammar would be a good start.
    Looks like you spun a few articles with some 'tool'
    That is not compelling content -- that is an crude attempt at SEO spam that will get you nowhere.
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