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  1. Z

    Hi everyone! Looking to connect with affiliate & brands, specifically in the b2b & Saas Industry!

    Hi all! My name is Zoey Schneider and I am obsessed with all things affiliate marketing! I have been in the industry for about two years now, and just recently took the leap of starting my own performance marketing agency! My agency typically focuses on helping technology startups and...
  2. Alan Saste

    Seeking Help What type of campaign have you guys seen work well on LinkedIn for B2B leads?

    Hi all, we're starting to dip into LinkedIn ads for lead generation for our B2B company. What type of campaign have you guys seen work well on LinkedIn for B2B leads? Any advice on what to avoid, what to focus on, etc? Would be much appreciated! Thanks beforehand!
  3. Sergei Levin

    Looking for B2B - SaaS affiliates | BuzzGuru - all-in-one influencer marketing platform

    Hey, guys! BuzzGuru is all-in-one influencer marketing software solution (SaaS B2B). We invite experienced and novice affiliates to our affiliate program. Affiliates commission is 20-40% of all referral payments lifetime. If you have any business audience, let's work together. We can discuss...
  4. Perimeter 81

    Event Meet us at Affiliate Summit East 21 and get $1200 CPA

    Hi everyone. Perimeter 81 is the best Business VPN Affiliate Program in the Cyber Security field. Meet us at Affiliate Summit East 21 in New York this July and get a $1200 CPA. To schedule a meeting contact me
  5. Perimeter 81

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Affiliates to promote our VPN for Business Brand

    Perimeter 81 is a VPN for Business and Next-Generation Network Security provider in the CyberSecurity field. We offer excellent rates for affiliates who promote our product.
  6. Perimeter 81

    Hi Everyone From Perimeter 81

    Dear Affiliatefix members! I'm Yonatan and I'm delighted to be part of this forum since I have more than 10 years of experience in affiliation management for several verticals. So I will be glad to share my experience with you and answer any question. Right now I'm representing B2B Cyber...

    Ask Me Anything Why email marketing is NOT dead - 53.71% open rate

    I'm constantly reading that email marketing is now not worth it, it is dead as well as controversial theories. Legend: B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), ROI (Return on Investment) Email communication is still essential as of 2020 and it will be at least until 2040 ! As...
  8. Graybeard

    Linkedin and other B2B Marketing?

    I have an *offer* for a higher-end B2B Service ($500.00/Month minimum commitment) that I am going to start with this month. I am not going to buy display ads in major digital publications -- too expensive for a specialty market. The service is a network of over 5 million IP addresses for proxy...

    Just launched 1st tiered affiliate program...what do I do now??

    Hi, I’m really excited to be a part of affiliatefix I just set up my first affiliate program and any advice out there about how to make it a success would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted to bring to your attention a NEW SITE we have launched, that I think will be of great OPPORTUNITY...
  10. duffy0

    B2B Affiliate Campaign with Massive Payout and Target Market

    Hi all I'm looking for affiliates to run our campaign - More Than Accountants. Background: Every business needs an accountant. At the moment many of the UKs accountants are behind with technology leaving many businesses owners unhappy with their service. Why are we different: We are the first...
  11. pankmahar

    Selling US B2B Email Database

    Elucify is a crowdsourced lead database, gives you 100 leads free every week or 200 every week if you just hit on Twitter and LinkedIn share links don't even need to actually share it. All you need is a business email (gsuite or outlook account) and it's very easy and quick to download targeted...
  12. M

    New Business-Related Program to Offer + LinkedIn Questions

    Greetings, We recently completed a new affiliate program for a stress-management training portal that is geared to corporate organizations. The portal contains eight training videos, along with a stress management quiz, stress & pain survey, and personal stress management plan for each employee...
  13. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Thousands of Freshly Updated Premium B2B Leads

    We are running half price on all Domain Who Is data for this month - that’s all new business domain registrations up until the day before. So you can get a feed into your dropbox of 35k plus users daily for £495 instead of £995. Christmas is a great time for marketing an online business plus I...
  14. BKogan

    What are the keys to creating a successful affiliate program for a B2B product?

    Hi, guys, I run marketing for Bontact, a company making multichannel contact apps for online businesses. We're looking for better ways to promote our product to these businesses. I've created a partner program/affiliate setup, but don't have a lot of experience managing one of these things...
  15. BKogan

    Advice needed: building an affiliate program for a startup

    Hi, guys, I run marketing for a startup. We make B2C multichannel communications widgets (like a better chat popup that also knows how to talk via SMS, VOIP call, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc) and have a freemium plan. I'm building an affiliate program and have gotten us set up on Tapfiliate...