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  1. JamesCrum

    Hello everyone, Affiliate marketing novice to ask questions

    Hello everyone, I learned a lot of affiliate marketing knowledge through this forum, thank you affiliatefix. Thank you for your enthusiastic sharing. I am from China. I am currently a freshman. My English is not very good. I can't read fluent English. I have been learning how to market and...
  2. brutebiz

    BEST Optimization for Pop Traffic Placements (PropellerAds)

    Hi all smart marketers! I'm new here, and this is my first thread! I'm running a campaign on PropellerAds and I'm sorting out all the bad placements with the strategy of blacklisting a Zone ID ones it has spent 1x offer payout (I'm on a tight budget). I have seen some good converting...
  3. opti

    All the best to all of you ... :)

    2017 just started, and I am confident it will be a huge success for all of us who are open to sharing valuable information and to learn some important things .... The first thing I will be doing a lot from now on - I will be asking questions first before starting to try to sell things to...