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artificial intelligence

  1. alexiscrzt

    Launching a SaaS AI tool, tinkering around affiliate programs

    Hi there, I'm launching an AI tool this week called MagicFormat, it's a productivity assistant for anything data related (generation, augmentation, extraction, formatting...). As this is also my first time trying out an affiliate program, I'm eager to have some advice / recommendations. Cheers!
  2. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything 50 fastest ways to earn $100 each day online

    this is freakin insane i asked chatgpt what are the 50 fastest ways to earn 100 dollars per day online it replied Earning $100 per day online is possible, but it often requires effort and time to build up to that level. Here are 50 potential ways to earn money online, some of which may be able...
  3. Leadnetwork

    DALL-E mini new app for your creativity

    DALL-E mini is the AI bringing to life all of the goofy "what if" questions you never asked: What if Voldemort was a member of Green Day? What if there was a McDonald's in Mordor? What if scientists sent a Roomba to the bottom of the Mariana Trench? You can see everything you have desire to...
  4. Honeybadger

    Affiliate Business --> What will you do new in 2022?

    Looking at the bigger picture often provides more clarity for the job at hand There's lots of things I'm moving towards for next year But from January 1 these are my top 10 must-haves What are yours? Cell Phone Business --> able to run my entire operation from a cell phone Outsourcing -->...
  5. Honeybadger

    Is there a personal assistant app?

    I'm looking for a mobile or desktop app to help organize my schedule and workload Something that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning So I can talk to it and get fast answers & solutions Also want it to tell me to stop wasting time A digital secretary - does it even exist yet?
  6. EricNguyen

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello from San Francisco, at the moment, actually. I'm a software engineer with a passion for advertising analytics and machine learning. If you see me around here I'm probably bugging someone about performance tracking algorithms and underlying theory!
  7. Sara Diaz

    Artificial Intelligence - Myth vs Reality

    Artificial Intelligence is now part of our work ecosystem. Organizations that fed into AI framework in a massive scale are - Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others. However, with the inevitable thought in mind, that people losing jobs, machines vs humans, there are a lot in the air that needs to be...
  8. webDOMinator

    Eva: Adult CPA's Wet Dream

    Okay, you've done SEO, you've set up a site, you've got your affiliate links and chosen your offers and landing pages. But have you tried the social angle? Social Networks, Chat, and Apps are all over the Internet today. It seems like you can throw a stone and hit 20 social networks before it...
  9. webDOMinator

    Request for SEO tips

    Hey guys, I've built a site (the follow along for my efforts) I need some help on SEO, could I get some tips on optimizing it? I'm thinking about desktop and mobile search results, etc. So far my main ideas have been the standard. I've built a site map with top 30 terms, plus a "top" page...