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  1. Graybeard

    Setup your old tablet with LINUX You will need Android 5 + I just set up a headless Ubuntu server without the Android being rooted fine Installed a mysql server + mysql client fine and set up the root password and created a user and his...
  2. Graybeard

    EU *declares* war on Google

    EU set to fine Google billions over Android: sources up to a 10 Billion fine =O=
  3. Emmynet

    Which Android Apps Pays for Watching Videos?

    Hello House, am new here and i have been searching for Android Apps that is legit and really pays for watching videos or video ads? I need apps that is open to all countries that do pays either via paypal or gift cards.
  4. MaxAffiliate77

    How to promote an Android apps?

    How to promote an Android apps?
  5. MaximCPA

    Looking for Android Installs

    Hello! I have difrent apps in Google Play, and I'm looking for good services for promoting and boosting mobile apps by inscent traffic or bot installs. I need some services like - or I need high retention installs from CA, NZ, AU, AT, NO, DE, GB and other tier 1 or tier...
  6. Karl Dennis

    Looking For Need a rockstar ios/android developer

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and loving it so far. In saying that I want to apologise in advance if this isn't the right place to post this but I have a client that is looking for a rockstar ios/android developer for an app they have mocked up. I'm trying a few different sources (linkedin, upwork)...
  7. I

    iPhone Emulator

    Hey guys.. trying to test offers for iphone (I only have android) but it wont let me obviously due to incompatible device. I just want to make sure the offer goes to the corect place (i.e. tyhe app store) Does anyone know and online emulator thatw orks? I tried this one...
  8. Serfim

    How to Promote IOS/Android Games with Facebook Ads?

    Hello guys, i would like to promote an IOS Game with Facebook Ads to get installs but i don't know if i can do this because i am not the owner. My question is: do i have a chance to promote it?
  9. aunonnoceo

    free targeted mobile traffic

    I want some method that work for free targeted mobile traffic.
  10. Ross Beech

    Affilate marketing confused

    Hi guys I am trying work out where to started in affilate marketing I have had a look at the start here thread which is brilliant. The problem I have is I already have website for my photography which I was planning to use for affilate marketing but I can't find much about photography affiliates...
  11. ventoman

    Selling Free Android App Design for your Website

    Hello Everyone, Ive been trying to figure out what to do during this festive holiday period, and would still want to make merry. For a limited time I will offer free Android App Design Services. Conditions: 1. Your Website Must be Mobile Responsive(If you dont know I can help you check that...
  12. Peter Chan

    Is there any ad network which supports unpublished (not on store) Android apps just like AdMob?

    I have an unpublished Android app which is not on any store and will never be on it (don't ask me why). So I've been using AdMob and it's the only ad network I'm using now because I can monetize my app without publishing to Google Play. I found that the eCPM is not good enough so I tried to...
  13. T

    Selling TokenApp Mobile GPT App and Script

    Sale closed. Thread can be deleted.

    Affiliates Wanted HEUREKA! We found what YOU need!

    I am happy to present you the BEST Mobile Offer in Greece! Wind, Cosmote - Android & iOS – Gaming - CPA $5,60 Vodafone – Android & iOS – Gaming – CPA - $ 8,00 Vodafone – Android & iOS – Sexy – CPA - $ 7,70 Wind - Android & iOS – Sexy – CPA – $ 4,20 We tested the offer the last few weeks and...
  15. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted Two Fresh New CPL Campaigns!

    Two New CPL Campaigns Are Waiting for You Two brand new CPL campaigns perfect for your AU or SG traffic! Both campaigns have landing page options for you to choose from. These campaigns are now available under the 'Campaign' tab in your account. If you don't have a YTZ account SIGN UP for...
  16. elarib

    Decided to change my career, and now rejected ?

    Hello everyone :) So let me explain my situation. I'm a software engineer with 4 years experience in Java EE, and PHP. I live in France, and i was making in Freelancing more than my fulltime Work salary, but i have friend that make more than me just with Affiliate Marketing. So, i've been...
  17. M

    Selling Incentive Android Rewards Application

    Download and Test the Rewards App The application Supports "Direct Offers" From almost any network that supports "Server to Server Post Back" I maybe contacted via Skype
  18. Santo Di Palo

    Affiliates Wanted PASSIONTECK AD NETWORK

    The World’s Top Publishers Monetize With PassionTeck. With Over 500 advertisers and 1,500 campaigns in nearly 200 countries, PassionTeck gives you access to the highest-paying mobile advertising campaigns and more ways to drive revenue. Platform PassionTeck’s Self-Service Publisher Platform...
  19. iMonetizeIt

    Looking For Dating offers on CPA/CPL and gaming/software on CPI?

    Hey guys, I am looking for CPA/CPL Dating offers on following Geo's: tier1, LATAM web+wap and gaming/software CPI offers on IOS and Android, global and tier1. Any suggestions?
  20. Gummy

    Buying Traffic Good Adnetwork

    Hi everyone, We are MeshBean, our company currently have over 200 mobile CPI offers looking for traffic, can anyone suggest some good networks for getting online traffic? Thanks