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  1. iHunt

    Any Guides Here On Amazon Affiliate?

    What’s up guys! Sorry if there’s a thread already on the topic; I searched but couldn’t find anything relevant. ****** Are there any guides that are beginner friendly to learn the amazon affiliate program? My long term plan is to become great at affiliate marketing. First, I want to...
  2. masoom007

    I am new to affiliate marketing.Want to be introduced with you!

    I just started my affiliate journey with Amazon.I need to learn the process,how to sell,where to sell,getting relevant visitors etc.
  3. Mask of Mint

    High and low ticket affiliation

    Hi community, I am from Paris, France. I am have two streams of revenues - high ticket occasional affiliate revenue generation and low ticket regular revenue streams. I am quite experienced technically but I consider myself novice when it comes to marketing. I am looking forward to sharing...
  4. R

    This is the next level of SEO in E-commerce!!!

    WPP has asked its partner brands to treat Amazon as a media channel, else they'll be obsolete. They have entered into an agreement that will offer brands creative, data and media services across the entire Amazon shopping ecosystem. The new offering will include: 1. Media planning and...
  5. Konstantin Weber

    Should I start affiliate business in 2017?

    Hi everyone. I would be more than happy if you can give me advice. So, I'm just about to start my affiliate business with Amazon and today I found an article. It says that no one in 2017 should be doing affiliate business, because it's exhausted and dropshipping is the only model for today if...
  6. King Conga

    How to Find Best Strategic Niche in Music.....

    and use it on Amazon Affiliates. I'm wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to go for this. My biggest problem is finding the right utility s'ware tool that helps me find my niche.
  7. M

    How To Make Money With Amazon

    A few years ago, a number of marketers were making a killing with Amazon — making KILLER money making simple micro-niche sites and promoting Amazon products. It was so easy to make money with Amazon with this method that you could work just a few hours a week and make a full-time income EASILY...
  8. Banne

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates to promote Amazon product, 25% commission

    Established in 2016, Banne is a high-quality gadgets seller on US Amazon. We are finding affiliates to promote two products. 1. Action camera. Sale price: $69.99 This camera is same quality as the best seller. 2. Food Nitrate Detector. Sale price: $159.99 We have SGS, CE and WEE...
  9. T

    Should I use super cheap paid traffics from adult sites to drive my Amazon affiliate sales?

    I had an idea a week ago about how to make money from Amazon affiliate program. But since I'm a newbie in affiliate marketing. I would like to ask you guys for opinions whether this is theoretically feasible. The idea is this: 1. Make a website that sales amazon products via Amazon's affiliate...
  10. R

    Track which Amazon Affiliate Link performs

    Hi, thanks for having me in your forum. I have a website where i use amazon partnernet affiliate links and banners. The amazon dashboard shows to me only stats about how many static links have sold and REST shows the "rest" of my sellings. What i do not see is which link has clicks and which...
  11. Reseller Hub Store

    Affiliates Wanted Are you ready to get paid with a profitable Reseller program?

    Are you tired of promoting products that rarely sell everyday? Well, if you are looking for the most unique guaranteed income system that’ll literally change your life from 0 to 6 figure earner without elephant’s job, then this Reseller program would be perfect for you! The fact is everyone's...
  12. T

    Do I have to use the same website I gave Amazon when I applied for their affiliate program?

    Hi everyone, Do I have to use the same website I gave Amazon when I applied for the affiliate program to promote their products? What if I decide to use a different one? or if I decide to use only YouTube as traffic source instead? Will my account get banned in those cases? Thanks in advance...
  13. Ross Beech

    Finally found a niche and building website :)

    Hi guys this post is moving on from my other post about not finding a nich... I have one and I am building my website. I was just wondering do I need to add a disclaimer clarifying that I am a affiliate site (I no I need to so I don't get in trouble with Amazon) I was just wondering do I need to...
  14. Bruno Ocampo

    Newbie Digital Nomad - Working on my Niche Site

    Hey there guys! I'm Bruno from Brazil and I'm currently working on my first niche site. I created the site 4 months ago after reading Pat Flynn's blog and also a guide on TechTage. This is my income report so far: OCTOBER - $5 NOVEMBER - $28 DECEMBER - $17 JANUARY - $40 It's not a lot of...
  15. Ross Beech

    Amazon product images

    Hi guys I was just wandering if anybody no's if I am advertising a amazon product am I aloud to use there product images or is it just the banners and links? Many thanks ross
  16. Danny Tuppeny

    (Feedback wanted) Service to split traffic between Amazon US and Amazon UK based on location

    Hi; first post here! I've recently set up a new site, which makes it easy to redirect traffic to Amazon UK or US based on where the user is and I'm after feedback! I've written a blog post (I apparently can't post links; it's the newest post at *removed*) with some background and...
  17. eco112

    Question: Getting paid from Amazon Associates AND Brand Vendors

    With Amazon affiliate programs offering such a low rate, what do you think of the idea of setting up an agreement between Brand Vendors (who only sell on Amazon) and Affiliates where the Affiliates would get the standard Amazon affiliate commission AND extra commission from the Brand Vendor for...