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  1. Zaryab Khattak

    What models are best for the affiliate marketing ? And reason !

    Just wanted to ask and see the opinion of all of the people here that what models works more good and makes better payment :) Also mention there full form and reason !
  2. Emma Natifico

    How to make $300 in 1 hour? Real case

    Last we got a brand new VPN multigeo offer and its results are far beyond expectations! This week we would like to share with you first outstanding results. In short, it is great ☝️ Explosive results for all 42 countries. Get your piece of profitable cake right now! | How to make $300 in 1...
  3. Phill AdsBridge

    How to run campaigns in quarantine time?

    Hi everyone✋ The last months have been especially hard for almost the entire world. Nonetheless, AdsBridge team would like to cheer you up and tell you a bit more how work from home in the current situation can bring you maximum profit. Half the world is staying home, but is it really so bad...
  4. Retired

    How hard is it to make $1000 with affiliate marketing and how long does it take

    You can definitely make that happen if you have a systematic approach and execute correctly. Firstly you need to have a strategy. It is easy to become lost when you go searching for answers on “how to make money online”. Then you stumble upon some guy saying if you do 8 steps you will make $5k...
  5. TBS_Andreas

    TES Affiliate Conference Lisbon|Cascais 28 February - 2 March 2020

    Sponsored Affiliate Passes available from November 4th, 2019. Applications for sponsored affiliate passes for the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28 February 2020 until 02 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais will be accepted starting November 4th, 2019. To see if you qualify for a sponsored...
  6. H

    How To Ensure You Get Your Commission?

    Hi Affiliatefix, I have a burning question! I noticed a leak in affiliate marketing business. So say that I've built an email list, I give lots of values and they are super interested in the affiliate product I'm promoting but then they go ahead and google the product, they then land on...
  7. Brijesh Soni

    We have Quality Traffic for CPI

    Hello Members, We are looking Stable and converting CPI, CPA Campaigns for our quality traffic sources. If you are looking quality traffic for your campaigns, then yes we have. Direct Media buyers, DSP, in-app, banner and much more traffic we have. Payment terms are prepayment as its quality...
  8. HOQU

    Cutting Edge Affiliate Marketing – The HOQU Platform!

    HOQU is a premier performance marketing ecosystem embracing two solutions: HOQU Marketplace - a place where Networks can list their offers & work with more than 100k affiliates already registered on the marketplace. HOQU Platform - a SaaS solution where one can create & manage an Affiliate...
  9. Helen Wingoads

    Weekly offers top from Wingoads

    Hey, publishers! Thinking which offers to promote to pump your profit this week? Wingoads prepared the weekly top of our best-converting offers, check them out, please: Contact info: E-mail: Skype: live:valeriekl_1
  10. AllenHirose

    Need Help? Where can I reach out to affiliates?

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for affiliates to increase our sale. I have been spending few months on it, reached all possible websites and blog I could, and so far haven't really got one yet. What would have been the problem? Where can I start? Please help me out here, as I'm getting...
  11. Helen Wingoads


    Happy Midweek to Everybody! Incredible Black Friday Sale at Wingoads Network! FOR ALL ADVERTISERS* +10$ upon your 50$ top up +25$ upon your 100$ top up +50$ upon your 200$ top up Jump on Your Holiday Traffic Shopping! VALID ON NOVEMBER 24th, 2017 * - applied once for each advertiser...
  12. TheDutchLegend

    Journey Instagram Domination Squad [CASE STUDY]

    Introduction. I am TheDutchLegend. I am from Netherlands. I am doing instagram very long time. I have tried many things and many methods. Now i am going to try to maximize my earnings with Instagram. I am going to grow 10 Instagram Accounts from 0 followers to 100k followers and then monetize...
  13. P

    Greetings from Profit Donkey!

    Good afternoon guys :) We are a relatively new name on both this forum and within the affiliate marketing world in general; our people however have a combined five years of affiliate marketing experience and are excited to see what we can achieve with Profit Donkey. In essence, this drive to...
  14. PurePay

    Are you fulltime or parttime?

    Hello all. I have read a few posts here and there now, and i am curious to understand more business methods and also how well it is going. Not only this i would also love to get a bigger network, since there is so many inspiring souls out there. @tyoussef, @azgold, @Hunter S Robbins and more...
  15. CPMstars

    How well email submit campaigns work?

    I would like to know what works better for affiliates.
  16. Nileshyadav

    new at Affiliate marketing forum

    I'm new at affiliate marketing forum and think that I can to make money with it
  17. DreamBigHappy

    Hi guys

    Hi guys, my name is alex from Indonesia. I'm currently learning affiliate marketing, and run it using free traffic source. Now I want to move to paid traffic but has no clue so far. That's part of reason why I'm here. So yeahh let's see. Nice to meet you guys all
  18. Abayomi Aikulola

    Learn to Earn

    I've heard it so many times since I came into the IM world, first Learn then remove the "L". That's why I'm here. Reversing this order has cost me alot so I'm gonna do it right this time. Hope to get some help in my quest and connect with some great people along the way.

    Begginer to Affiliate Marketing

    I am Mosa Sait, From South India, As I said I am new to Affiliate Marketing and fresher to Digital Marketing. Want to learn more about Online Money Making Concept, where I found Huge Potential. Though Searching More Detailed Information and Tutorials. I understood the difficulties of Searching...
  20. C

    Selling Traffic Try our affiliate marketing network for FREE (1st month).

    We've just updated our pricing terms and we're giving new users a chance to try out CPXCenter FREE for a month. (No set up fees required, however to fund your campaign you will need to add money via paypal, it can be as low as $5). Note: 1) We won't charge you a set monthly fee 2) Opt out...