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  1. Z

    Hi everyone! Looking to connect with affiliate & brands, specifically in the b2b & Saas Industry!

    Hi all! My name is Zoey Schneider and I am obsessed with all things affiliate marketing! I have been in the industry for about two years now, and just recently took the leap of starting my own performance marketing agency! My agency typically focuses on helping technology startups and...
  2. Mobisummer

    Hello new friends!

    Hey guys! This is Mobisummer, it's our pleasure to meet you all! Looking forward to talking about affiliate marketing and sharing everything we know about it! Thumbs Up
  3. Vadim Alfaleads

    Alfaleads looking for affiliates:)

    Hello, everyone and nice to join your community! My name is Vadim, I am an affiliate manager in Alfaleads. We are one of the biggest gambling affiliate networks in industry and offering the best deals from top brands, web view apps for FB, Tik-Tok and UAC, quick withdrawal of your funds and more...
  4. Differenceone

    How do you get traffic to your website when you don't have a lot of following?

    Discover which channels drive traffic to your competitors' websites. Also, you can create a blog page on that website and start blogging about Your website, Educate people about it with powerful content. Get on social media and create a business page for your website and start posting images...
  5. mydsire

    Are you interested in being the affiliate partner of a problem-solving product online store?

    Hello, my dear potential affiliate partners and friends Mydsire sells of electronic accessories & gadgets aiming at high-rating problem solving products, We mainly Shop smart electronic accessories of Home Appliances PC, Mac, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphones, Pad, Iphone, Ipad, Cameras And...
  6. ProfitPixels

    Affiliates Wanted Profit Pixels - Premium In-house Forex&Crypto CPA Deals | Best Direct Nutra, Dating, Astrology and Finance

    Profit Pixels provides next-gen funnels with an implemented machine-learning algorithm that allows sending your traffic to most convertible brokers at the moment. Here at Profit Pixels, you can find dozens of In-house offers with professional native-speaking call centers worldwide. (24/7 active...
  7. A

    Using Clickbank

    Hello All, I have been thinking of joining Clickbank does anyone think this a good place to practice affiliate marketing. Also, does anyone have experience with it what are some pros and cons? Thanks!
  8. bexplus

    Announcement Bexplus help you to earn more on Thanksgiving Activity

    I have a good news to share with you. Have a look at our partner page here: bexplus affiliate program Our top partners earn more than 10,000 per week just by sharing their referral links in social media. Affiliate can receive up to 50% commission and Invitees are encouraged by permanent 10%...

    Greetings from AdToGame!

    Hello everyone! We are AdToGame - a gaming-oriented affiliate network that focuses on gathering the best offers from a very wide range of different ad providers. We've just applied for an official listing on AffiliateFix, so you can check us out when it gets approved! In the meantime, we are...
  10. B

    How to get Good Quality Traffic?

    Hello Guys, I'm new to affiliate industry, can you give me suggestions how to get traffic for my offers

    Got calls ? want calls ? lets talk !!!

    Hello Guys this is Danny Lucas with revenue rich digital. At reveue Rich digital We are creative, responsive, persistent, ethical, innovative and smart.we specialized in performance marketing with a commitment to leads, calls and traffic that evolve into profitable customers and sales for our...
  12. CaimengChen

    Hi there,I'm new here.

    Hello everyone, My name is Chen.I'm glad to join here and to get the experience from you and sharing knowledge. And i'm running an affiliate website,a platform for advertisers and publishers, Thanks and good luck Chen
  13. Sunday swart

    Co Partners Needed on a Deal and Coupon site

    Hello Affiliates! I have finished creating a niche Deal site. As deal site needs partnership. If you are ready or you know any humbled person that will be willing to work with me, please leave a message. Note the person must be familiar with Wordpress, marketing and affiliates sales. We...
  14. Adam Smith | A4D

    New To The Forums

    Hello Everyone! My name is Adam, I'm an Affiliate Manager with A4D. I wanted to join this forum so I can stay current with market trends and be a close member to the community. So far I find this community to be a good source of information for both affiliates and networks, I look forward to...
  15. Idvert

    How to find Affiliates? [High payouts]

    Hello, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert, an affiliate network with years of experience. Idvert has great opportunities for promising Affiliates with Direct and exclusive campaigns for Global market. We offer reasonable Payouts on Weekly basis. We're partnered with Google Adwards in China and...
  16. Idvert

    Attention!! Advertisers and Affiliates!

    ---Advertisers/Developers--- Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 7 years of successful operational experience as an affiliate network, headquartered in China. We are currently looking for advertisers to cooperate via API/S2S, CPI- for both Android and...
  17. W


    My name is Wale and I am a beginner affiliate marketer
  18. danielrog

    CPL Affiliate network

    Hello guys, The company that I am working for is one of the best producers in health and cosmetic products in the world. Right now we have a lot of new products and we are expanding our affiliate network. We are working in Europe and Asia mainly with more than 50 high-converting products. If...
  19. Lady Goose

    Offer Wanted Looking for IN click flow offers

    Hi guys, I'm looking for IN offers, can be adult or any mainstream category, as long as it is pure click flow. Not interested in PIN or click with captcha or IVR flows. Thanks guys!
  20. Lady Goose

    Presenting Golden Goose Family

    Hi guys, We are a Mobile Affiliate Network ( for advertisers and publishers. For over 10 years we proved our sustainability, being the leading VAS content provider in Russia and the CIS countries. We grew big, gathered unique knowledge, teamed with international professionals and now...