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  1. John Peterson19

    Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    Hello There My Name Is John Peterson And I Am a Professional Affiliate Marketing Bussines Manager. If you want to start successfully with your Affiliate Marketing bussines, you can always ask me how to start your bussines, where and why. I will give you free information with a minimum investment...
  2. K

    Ask Me Anything Sports Affiliate program

    Hi, there what is the best 5 Live Stream Sports Affiliate program site for now & before? (Please without affforce)
  3. AfMaster

    who knows something about Rebll network?

    Hello everyone, is there anyone who has an experience with Rebll network? I heared that they have some nice dating brands to nordics. What EPC are they giving?
  4. mybizfeed

    Hello guys, I am Datti, Users relationship at MyBizFeed.

    Hello guys! I am Datti, Users relationship at MyBizFeed. - MyBizFeed is a professional social network for media buyers and sellers. I am happy and excited to join affiliatefix.
  5. C

    Hey, im new and would like to offer you a great opportunity

    Want to turn £10 into £20 with the chance of winning/earning even more? Let me know if you'd be interested.
  6. Abdeljbbar

    Top Affiliate Niche Community - Help!

    Hello, my fellow affiliates, I'm stuck and I need your help! Two months ago, I started a project about a community in one of the hottest niches, which is "weight loss". In the community, people can open an account and start creating blogs, quizzes, polls, and lists, and link them to their...
  7. A

    email marketing

    hello , I'm an email marketer and I'm looking for azure accounts with open port 25. anyone can help?
  8. F

    Affiliate & "Facebook in app browser"

    Heys guys im currently posting vacation houses in Facebook groups (100.000 members) - i have ben posting for about 40 days now and i got 3.000 clicks. But no conversions. The url is working fine and i cant find any other techincal issue. So.. could the Facebook in app browser be the problem...
  9. Smai

    issue with booking Affiliate

    Hello, I'm experiencing a very annoying issue with booking support. They suddenly stopped issuing credit slips and paying me my commissions after i update my bank account details. Their affiliate support is a ticket system where you should wait 10-20 days before anyone pleases to answer you...
  10. M

    Promotional emails go into spam folder

    Hello all I have a question regarding affiliate links in email marketing. I am in the keto niche and have an email list of about 1500 subscribers. When I send a content email, my open rate is between 15-25% but when I send a mail with an affiliate link, the open rate is only 5-10%. i have...
  11. S

    Common Errors in Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing is an effective marketing strategy for a business. However, you need to understand that while implementing the strategy, you can exercise many errors that are commonly found in the niche strategies. Some of the errors that are common and are detrimental for a niche strategy are...
  12. Saima kiran

    Im in field related affiliate marketing

    im new in this field but i have much hard working into search more and more that i can learn most and can achive success . So i hope God will help me become success in life i need so that you all in courage me .im house wife and my hobby that can stable myself and ever cant depend any other...
  13. C

    Why are URL's "cloaked" on many affiliate webiste?

    Hi, All of the websites below drive most of their traffic from Google ads. They are clearly affiliate websites making money from reviews and top list of products. But when you however over the buttons you can see that they cloak all their links.
  14. Rial4s

    How can I check if a Clickbank vendor plays fair?

    Recently, my conversion rate goes up-and-down dramatically. A few days ago, an Order Form Sale Conversion (ratio between sales/clicks on the order page) was 15%, the next day it was 3%, then 14%, 12%, 3%, and yesterday 3%. The traffic source is the same - organic articles -> Vendor's Landing...
  15. Bruno Semedo

    Affiliate Business Model

    Hi, I'd like to know if you could tell if there is any Affiliate Business Model Framework or any that u have tried yourself and you'd like to share. Thank you!
  16. Constantine Miller

    Looking for Affiliate Marketers!

    Hi there, We are super excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program where you can earn rewards on every referred sale! So we'd greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about our product! We understand that these days “word of mouth” referrals are important for any...
  17. Jwilsonaff8

    Jeremy - Affiliate Account Manager

    Hi Everyone, New to the group, but happy to be here. Looking to learn as much as possible about managing affiliate programs.(CPA campaign, TM+ sourcing, outreach, etc)
  18. A.A. Qureshi

    Affiliates Wanted Earn the highest commissions just this BFCM!!!

    Hello Affiliates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest days when shoppers go all frenzy. For business owners, it's a huge opportunity to capitalize on the overwhelming shopping spirit of customers. But instead of selling anything, I want to that all the AffiliateFix members make huge...
  19. F

    Review AffilaiteAds CPA Network Not Pay their Affiliate.

    Hi, I am Firojul from Bangladesh. I have sent traffic to AffiliateAds CPA network ( and got 12 conversions ($1200) (Attached). My payout date is over but they did not pay yet. In the Krafty skype group, Many affiliate marketers not get paid yet (Attached). Now I am seeking help...
  20. Nauman Niazi

    Newbie to Affiliate but 5 years in blogging, Social Media Growth etc

    Hi My name is Nauman I started blogging in 2103, but no success because of no consistency, then in social media and fb i grew and collected millions of fb traffic, ran some local political pages and other things Just started insta growth and now want to try my luck with affiliate, this is my...