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  1. Wesleey

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello dear people, I am always interested in making new contacts and learning a lot from you. I am basically interested in advertising. I am looking forward to an active exchange!
  2. Pankaj Mondal

    Want To Advertise

    Hi, I'm a link builder and content marketer and would like to advertise my services here. What's the cheapest and most effective way? Help, please. Thanks
  3. henryluxyz

    create new sweepstakes campaign-need help

    hello everybody, I m new to this industry, trying to build my own sweepstakes offer targeting US market. Have studied many articles and asked few people, basically the business rules should be like this: 1. Website 2. System to send and receive leads / tracking 3. Contracts 4. Prospect deals on...
  4. fantastic mr. fox

    Ultimate Guide on the Affiliate Marketing on Youtube in 2019

    Gone are the days, when you could spam the comments with the affiliate links. If you want to make 10$ it’s fine but if we are speaking about real cash then you are welcome to our ultimate guide that is going to lead your way in the vastness of YouTube. Today, YouTube is the most popular video...
  5. David Mali

    $480 in Udimi Commissions (solo ads)

    2 months being an affiliate with Udimi just 1 youtube video reviewing Udimi = $480 in Commissions without doing anything
  6. S

    Looking for new partners and traffic

    I am reaching to new publishers to be able to drive traffic immediately for my new clients. Our offers are only CPA-CPL at the moment but we can offers on CPM and CPI, we do not offer rev share or hybrid deals, and we have gaming offers. Germany, Austria and nordics countries are hot and...
  7. Pjamble

    Best Channel to comunicate with affiliates ?

    Hi guys , How are you , just wanted to know which program you use to communicate with your affiliates .. I find that Skype sometimes messes up with links I send .. Any other program you recommend? Thanks guys
  8. Pjamble

    Tips and advice for new Affiliate program for my Website !

    Hi guys! Very new to the affiliate program management world here , looking for some advice! I work for an online adult chat website, and i've recently entered the internet marketing area . I need to recruit affiliates to form a direct program, without an affiliate network page...
  9. K

    Looking for new traffic sources

    I just wondering if someone know other traffic sources like Google Adwords that i can use after Google Ads closing down the binary and forex sites. And that accepts Forex/ Binary option sites and that is legit and not sending bots
  10. james3322

    Is it Fine to Advertise a Site on Youtube Comments

    I mostly time advertise website in website relevant Youtube video comments, i just type some comment along with a website post link ? is it fine or google would mind this ?
  11. chervenkov

    Need casino / gambling offers

    I need good converting casino/ gambling CPL offers. GEO - DACH
  12. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything Tips and Tricks for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Do you know that retailers can acquire more than 55% of new customers during the holiday shopping season? For example, in 2016, we witnessed three important events: Black Friday, strong November sales, and Cyber Monday. Remarkably, two of these events turned from two days into the entire week...
  13. Ethan Taylor

    Ideal places for advertising a squeeze page of social network marketing niche?

    Let's say I will be giving away a free ebook by using a squeeze page in order to build an email list of "Instagram marketing" niche. Where would be the ideal places for advertising such a squeeze page? I hope my subscribers will not be just "freebie seekers" and will be willing to buy products...
  14. O

    How To Setup tracking system to advertise in CpaLead

    Hello Guys, I wanted to advertise some affiliate offers from other networks in CpaLead Cpa campaign, but can't setup the tracking properly, where to put postback click id, cpalead acro etc........ Now I am confused I am using adsbridge tracking (Which will expire soon as it is a trial...
  15. Susan

    Buying Traffic Looking for Sweden Nutra paid traffic

    Hi Guys, if you have Sweden Nutra traffic let me know ;)
  16. ishop6dotnet

    Selling 1 popup spot on SpotLightGirlsX.TV

    Hi i got a NEW popup spot for sale on SpotLightGirlsX.TV Price 15 Days= $15 30 Days= $30 :)Ping me if you are interested!
  17. ishop6dotnet

    selling popup ad

    Hi there, i got a website that has a very good traffic, And now im selling 1 popup spot check out the website : :)Ping me if you are interested
  18. A

    AdsVale Highest Paying CPM network

    AdsVale is an advertising platform and where advertisers can get quality traffic and publishers can earn bitcoins/Dollars by Monetizing their websites or blogs. Advertisers can deposit money via PayPal/Bitcoin While Publishers can withdraw their funds in PayPal/Payza/PerfectMoney/Bitcoin...
  19. AdsCompass

    We invite publishers and advertisers for cooperation

    We're glad to welcome you, our future partners. We, Adscompass, is an intellectual platform that offers profitable conditions both for publishers and advertisers. Having our own automatic platform for monetizing of traffic and developing our projects we provide great conditions for all our...
  20. EffectMobi

    Do you know about EffectMobi?

    EffectMobi is a Global Performance Marketing Network providing top quality marketing solutions specialized in Ad network, Facebook, Google Adwords, media buying, etc. Our mission is to serve global companies of all stages by providing comprehensive and delicate marketing solutions to reach...