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  1. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge and AdsPlexity webinar

    Hi AffiliateFix Community! We are happy to announce, that our first webinar this year will be this Thursday, 16th of January, at 3 pm (GMT +1). We are going to discuss the most necessary tools the modern affiliate needs to launch a really profitable campaign. Sign up, it’s going to be...
  2. Phill AdsBridge

    One more place to get offers

    Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving holiday and survived Black Friday with Cyber Monday ;) We have some news to share. You know about our 8 smart links and they have become quite popular, to be honest. That’s why we decided to expand this direction and added a lot of new offers...
  3. S


    Hello guys! I need help,please! I launched my first campaign (a sweepstake) on Maxbounty, using ZeroPark as a traffic source and AdsBridge as tracker. I've set everything right and I've made a test to verify if everything worked right, but NO! AdsBridge does not count any conversion. How...
  4. Phill AdsBridge

    Announcement TOP converting verticals for our Smartlinks

    Let me represent you our TOP verticals with the highest conversions for the last week. Welcome verticals with their eCPM: 1) Dating - $173 2) Mobile Content Adult - $148 3) Adult Pills - $134 4) Diet & Weight Loss - $132 5) Cams - $75 Smartlinks in 8 the most popular and the most actual...
  5. René Wagner

    Tracking with adsbridge

    Im a complete newbie in this branche and i really dont understand anything in Tracking etc. is there an guide to check wtf is goin on? Im using Adsbridge and promoting offers from maxbounty and i really want to start now but i cant because i dont understand how this f*cking tracking thing is...
  6. A

    Selling AdsBridge Starter account until Sep 2018 - $149

    Hi, I have 9+ months left on my Starter account (100K Visits). This is a kind of exclusive offer, because this subscription for new users is no longer available and is only valid for existing users. Subscription type: Starter Annual Expiration date the beginning of Sep 2018 Visits limit...
  7. B

    Hello i need help please if you could ?

    Hello Guyes please anyone who could help please please ! i need 30$ to buy a bluehost vps hosting , you can buy it for me no problem but anyone who could help i'll be verry grathfulle for him. sorry about my english. i repeat guyes if anyone could help in any way even a 0.01$ i'll be verry...
  8. B

    Need Urgent help with ads bridg's tracking !!

    Hello I have an urgent problem so please i need help !! i create 5 landing pages all of them for the same offer so basicly i create an offer and 5 landing pages . after that i created a campaign and add the five LP and the offer . they gave me tha campaign link . when i click on it each time it...