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Zero Investmen Case Study on FireProved Marketing

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by vukasini, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. vukasini

    vukasini King of the Wisdomland affiliate

    Hey Fix'ers

    How's going? i probably already mentioned that I'm the owner of the FireProved Marketing. FPM Is my Internet Marketing blog (if you want to check it, I linked to it in the signature) however, most of my visitors don't know that I didn't invest a single dollar in it. And I don't plan. I didn't actually plan to go with Zero Investment Case Study on my next blog but a couple months ago, my brother give me already registered domain (with WordPress installed on it) which is hosted at his hosting.

    So I didn't actually pay anything in order to get this blog set up. I decided to go with Twenty Thirteen, free WordPress theme. Few weeks ago, I won a giveaway on one blog that was giving whole package of premium themes from Elegant Themes.

    I decided to use this opportunity and take PersonalPress theme from the package and use it on my blog.

    I now have everything set up without paying a dime. What I'm actually trying to achieve is to make my earnings go wild (over $1000 every month) and proving my readers that it is possible to make huge money without investing anything.

    I just wanted your opinion on it and maybe some advice on monetization of the site. I never had an Internet Marketing blog so I never had experience monetizing it.

  2. newbidder
  3. dinabrokoth

    dinabrokoth The Fix'er! affiliate

    To be realistic, one must have the least investment of hosting & domain (it's cheap though). You're fortunate to have your brother paid on it and won the premium themes.

    There are many affiliate products or services in IM such as Tools, Themes, Plugins, E-books, IM Applications, and many more for monetization in the IM blog.
    Anyways, good luck for your journey!
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  4. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    I wonder how is this going? :ninja:

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