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Why motivation if you're truly passionate?


I thought of something today that I would like some feedback about. If someone is truly passionate about something and would do it anyways (as Linda talks about in her forum "follow your passion and the money will follow") what's the point of motivation?

Another part to that question is how successful an affiliate can be if he has an excellent knowledge of online marketing, knows how to market online and drive large amounts of traffic to his site but is not passionate about the product?

When looking at all the online guru's out there I seem to think if they really are passionate about their product and what they do or are they just using their combined knowledge and skills to convert you?


Linda Buquet

Well when you bring up "online guru's" that's talking about the type of marketing newbies fall into that I don't think they should.

When I talk about finding a niche you can be passionate about it's not the hype filled world of Internet marketing.

When I talk about finding your passion - I'm talking about a work at home Mom passionate about home schooling and building a site around that. Or someone suffering with back pain who's tried everything, knows a lot about it and decided to focus on help others by building a blog about back pain. Or someone who just loves and is addicted to radio controlled cars and want to focus there.

I recently read something about the fact that - sure you can follow the money and build a site about a product or topic you could care less about. But when you do that - THATS when you need motivation to force yourself to do it and that's when the site seems like WORK.

And once again after you get your feet wet and learn the ropes you can sell whatever you want. But again for newbies I think starting off with something they are passionate about helps. It makes writing content and all the other work more enjoyable as they build the foundation and wait for the money to start coming in.


When looking at all the online guru's out there I seem to think if they really are passionate about their product and what they do or are they just using their combined knowledge and skills to convert you?

Many of those so called "Gurus" are not passionate about what they are doing and they make a lot of money.

Do you know why?

Because they have built relationships, they are helping each other, I have seen many "Gurus" promoting other friend's products and these products were useless, but they made money from them because many newbies are innocents and don't know how this IM world works.

There is something very important and it is: Never violate the trust between you and your customers.


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Motivation is needed just because we are human. Even with passion, we can all fall down and struggle. and motivation helps to get you back on your feet.

I love what i do, I have tried to retire a few times and keep coming back. I just like what i do, I am passionate about it. But I, like anyone else can get frustrated when everything seems to go wrong(most of the time it is lack of patience).

So a word of encouragment, the pat on the back, or an uplifting quote from someone who has done something that was supposed to be impossible will help you to realize that we all need a little help sometimes and that the goal is within reach if we stay in the race.

I read a story about a vietnameze man(hope i spelled it right) who made his riches and it was destroyed by the vietnam war. After the war, he rebuilt his empire, and a new ruler took over, and he spent years in prison and lost it all again because of political corruption.

He then came to America and went to work for a relative in a doughnut shop in a mall. He saved for 3 years for the down payment to buy the shop, and finaly did, but he slept in the shop to save money since he was only being paid min. wage.

Then, once he took ownership of the shop, he remained living in the shop for a full year and paid off the remaining 100K to his relative..

This guy made it 3 times, and made the sacrafice 3 times. Most would have been happy telling the story of "the one that got away". But this guy never quit, no matter what.

When i feel beat up, I think of this guy(who is now a millionaire again)

And i can then stand up and say to myself, I will not quit, If he did it, so can I!

this is the purpose of motivation. even if you are passionate.