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Why is everyone so hung up on Facebook?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by webDOMinator, Dec 5, 2014.

Are you done with Facebook as a marketing platform?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Not sure but thinking about it

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  1. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I know that FB has set the playing field, and they definitely made social networks popular, but isn't it about time that people get over it?

    Please allow me to introduce myself.

    I've been in the Social Network Marketing industry since FB was only accepting university students. Before them was MySpace, but they quickly outgrew their predecessor.

    Since about late 2009, FB and a handful of other sites became pretty much the only thing that online marketers talked about. I can understand, FB has an ads system, but is that really social network marketing or is it more like CPC advertising?

    Anyway, since their boom phase, they have put a lot of money toward offering their own solution for marketers on their network, while trying at the same time to destroy anyone who tried to do Social Network Marketing the old fashioned way... with Automation. I remember back in 2007, I made a plugin for facebook in webDOM in 10 minutes. There was no limit on friend adding, and no limit on PMs. The only other thing you could do with people is "Like" them. Now the facebook plugin is literally a big set of features that I had to get really imaginative with to make.

    Now, mind you, there are plenty of automation tools for facebook, but the site makes an active effort to consistently change the game, their interface, and place new restraints on their API. I'm even pretty sure that they've got some artificial intelligence and behavioral pattern recognition software to help them with flagging and deleting accounts.

    I get it, they only want people to advertise on their site who pay them for it, but in creating the whole CPC part of their ad system, they sort of got advertisers playing a different game altogether.

    The Question...

    Would you rather spend all of your Social Network Marketing time and efforts on paying for CPC, or would you rather use one of the hundreds of thousands of medium and small social networks out there to make money for free by actually just using the social network, (or better yet automating it)?
  2. terraleads

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