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Where to find buy a lot of ip's?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Mathiaska, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Mathiaska

    Mathiaska Affiliate affiliate

    Anyone in here that knows where to buy around 40-50 ip's that allow complaints?
  2. AdCombo
  3. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Could you please describe a bit more specific, what kind of 'complaints' you mean?
    Or just a kind of anonymous posting?
  4. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Well-Known Member affiliate

    @Marc, he's looking for a host to snowshoe spam that won't shut him down when they get complaints. If it only were that easy.
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  5. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Ah, got it, thx @mxyzptlkfishstiks. See, I don't even think in this direction ;)
  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Okay, I am just curious to know whether such like services exist today. I will be very glad to get information on the same. However, I may be against such like hosting. The reason is it will promote low quality services because you have nothing to loose. To me that is not how we deal with business. We need to acknowledge our shortcomings and learn on the best way to handle them. Anyone with the information on the sam kindly share on the thread.
  7. Aditya Saha

    Aditya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    If you need ips, then you can get dedicated private proxies or semi-dedicated private proxies. That would give you a new ip and cost you around $2/ip/month
  8. eMonetize

    eMonetize Affiliate affiliate

    Most mail friendly providers (won't shut you down for complaints) don't provide IP blocks smaller than a /24 (254 usable IPs) and typically they are going tool you for such a small amount. Typically around $600 per month for a server and /24.

    You can however, usually get 4/24 and a server for around $1500 per month, with a 2 month commitment.

    Also, most providers do not allow you to mail GI and you can only send TLDs and cables.

    You can get IPs for GI, but that's usually all they will be good for...rarely will they work with TLDs/cables. Finding providers for them is harder, because GI data is more likely to have spam traps and get a spamhaus listing. No providers likes having their IPs get a SH listing!

    The problem you will have is that no one is likely to tell you who their IP sources are, as it may of taken quite some time to develop them. Nor will any mailer likely tell you where they get their data and what offers their mailing. Simply because, any mailer that know what they are doing, can easily do $10K to as much as $100K+ per month. So they rarely will divulge any info, because they want to keep out any possible competition.

    If you do find a provider, insist that they set the server up and let you test the IPs before paying for them. That way you can make sure they aren't blocked by any of the domains you are going to mail to. That way if the IPs are bad and need to be replaced, they aren't going to drag their feet getting you new ones, because they want to get paid.
  9. Naveh Jalen

    Naveh Jalen Affiliate affiliate

    HI Friends
    The bulk of IP addresses can be bought from an ISP (Internet Service Provider). The amount you have mentioned is bulk IP and can be only bought if you are an authorized ISP (Internet Service Provider). Any Retail or Corporate customer are not authorized to buy this range of IP.
  10. eMonetize

    eMonetize Affiliate affiliate

    Pretty sure the OP just wants to rent the IPs from a mail friendly provider and isn't really looking to buy.

    Also, the OP posted it 3 years ago. So responding to it is probably just a waste of time.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  11. clairedivas

    clairedivas Banned affiliate

    IP address status, assigned hosts, and other enterprise network information that’s crucial to your operations. It grants you instant access to over 500,000 IP addresses from all five RIRs — LACNINC, ARIN, APNIC, AFRINIC, and RIPE — optimizing your uptime and helping you make the most of what the digital space offers.
  12. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    There are like 1 billion+ IPv6 addresses starting to slowly enter the market. Most ISP's are using dual stack now. Datacenter & ISPs are adding IPv6 to their AS blocks constantly. Hurry up and sell/lease your IPv4 as they will become interesting antiques and conversation pieces in about 4 or 5 years.