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Where to advertise, market? Help please



I joined an affiliate program just recently. I?m doing okay, but I want to do better. I am using my website and domain, but am an affiliate. :)

I?m looking for some ideas as to where I can go to get some advertising/publicity and market my website to get more traffic there.

I also tried registering my website with the big search engines, but it didn?t seem to work. Any ideas as to where I can register my site. Do I need to pay for the service or is it something I can do myself. :confused:

And one last question for those of you that may be able to help. What is a good place for advertising or better yet, what is a reasonable amount to pay for advertising. :eek:

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any answers

Linda Buquet

"I also tried registering my website with the big search engines, but it didn?t seem to work. Any ideas as to where I can register my site. Do I need to pay for the service or is it something I can do myself."

REgistering your site with the engines will do no good unless your site is properly deisgned and optimized. So that could be part of the problem.

If your site is SEO'ed properly but you are targeting highly competive keywords that could be it too. In any case it takes awhile to get listed.

ALSO - I personally think Google, the main engine, likes it better when it finds your site instead of having you submit it. Lots of wasy to do this and I think sites get listed faster with some of the methods than submitting.

I think you may need to learn about SEO. If so let me know and I'll give you some free options.

I've already written about lots of resources for low cost ads. Just search the forum for advertising and traffic and you should find some good tips.


New Affiliate and Traffic

First of all it is essential to get your website into the search engines - this is because if your website doesnt show up in the search results, you will have reall difficulty selling anything, as search engines is where 99% of people go when they search for content online

The best way to get your website into the search engines is to do it manually. You dont need to pay to do this - although some of the bulk submission services can be fair to use every now and again, just to make sure you website gets into as many directories and smaller search engines as possible

Put simply there are really only 3 search engines that matter - Google MSN and Yahoo. You can simply visit these 3 in turn and start adding you website manually. The easiest one to do first is MSN, but the others are quite easy too. first I would check if you site is somewhere in their database. It could be already there, even if its doesnt show up in the search results. The best way to check is to type in your domain name from the www bit into the search box and see what shows up. If you site shows then you are already in the database and ther is no need to do anything further

Next I would say concentrate on content and especially new original content for your website. You need to keep adding as much stuff as you can. RSS feeds will help, but I would get a list of all the keyword people are typing in when they are searching for content similar to what you have on your website. Then create different pages for each of these main keyword phrases. You basically need every possible variant of your theme as a different page. You can find this information by using something like wordtracker or going to the yahoo or google publisher site - you just type in a broad theme, and it will give you every imaginable keyword and kyword phrase people have typed in

When designing your website, you should always start NOT from how you would like it to look, or what content YOU think should be on it, but on what people out there are actually searching for. Search Engines cant give you a good ranking when your content doesnt match what people re looking for. The search engine listings are based on what people type in when searching

I would also be very careful of just sticking to affiliate programs - you may do OK but most people find that they generate very few sales this way. You will do alot better if you have your own product to sell from your own website - I would say hundreds of times better!


Search engines (don't forget are usually the best way to attract traffic, but don't neglect other methods.

Participate in forums related to your niche and have a link to your site in the signature (if it's allowed). As you make more posts and build up a reputation in the forum community, people will click on your link to "check you out.".

Participate in blog discussions related to your niche.

Try writing some articles and posting them to the article submissions sites. Don't forget a link to your site in the credit section of the article.

And of course for the fastest bang for the buck, there is PPC. Google Adwords, Yahoo, and MSN Adcenter.



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I agree w/ the forums. I participated in Craigslist and Yahoo Answers and got some decent traffic at the outset. Eventually, the organic searches became my "bread and butter" as I added info on site. I recommend if you want to improve your organic ranking.



Thanks, and another question

Thanks to all of you for your information. I know this is going to be very useful for me. I?ve been working for many days trying different ways to promote my business.

By chance have any of you heard of something called ?to tilt profit?? or something similar to that? I?ve searched Google, Yahoo and other engines, but have not been able to find it. I was told they were a good place to start and promote a business.