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What was the impact of video on your homepage?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by RyanKempe, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. RyanKempe

    RyanKempe Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    did you create a video to pitch your product on the homepage of your website?

    If you did I am interested to hear what impact it had.

    Did it:
    1. Increase time on site?
    2. Increase pageviews?
    3. Increase conversions? (which resulted in more revenue)
    I have a startup and am thinking of investing in a video. I would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. terraleads
  3. Summer Saunders

    Summer Saunders Affiliate affiliate

    For me, video works great. A video like TV advertising. You have to make your video decent and not so long. The max size of my videos is 2min. I do also add a call to action button under the video. Try to make 2 or more videos in order to A/B testing.
  4. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    as a customer, I always go for the descriptive videos. Don't waste your time, money and efforts in producing funny sort of illogical and imaginative ads. Come up with a finely narrated descriptive video featured with the pros of your product and then see the magic

    Tip: Never try to exaggerate... its the 21st century and we are dealing with brilliant customers
  5. Mia Gibbons

    Mia Gibbons Affiliate affiliate

    Yup video marketing on homepage working great. Another thing you should remember the autoplay option. Some niched based traffic do not like autoplay and some are like autoplaying. Do A/B testing about autoplay and run your business successful. Best of luck.

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