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What software do you use for you lists?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by K, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Heard a lot of good things about aweber - but jordan told me about a great piece of Mac software you can purchase which i plan on doing in the new year!
  2. Golden Goose
  3. LukePeerFly

    LukePeerFly Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I used MailChimp for awhile, but they hate affiliates now so I've moved over to Aweber to manage my lists. I have a few lists that I manage myself using a custom script, but my deliverability isn't as good as Aweber :)
  4. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    Well- I'm myself looking for some nice software to manage my list and also needs to be good in delivering emails at their INBOX
  5. nitroux

    nitroux Affiliate affiliate

    May we know the name of that program? :D And how are you going to use it? Isn't port 25 blocked in the UK?

    Unless you have an offshore VPS or dedi.

  6. earnershub

    earnershub Guest

    I use Interspire Email Marketer for my clients (around 1900 emails). Its hosted on my shared hostgator. From the response to my email I can easily say that inboxing is around 95%+.

    For email capture with my small niche sites, I use Aweber as maintaining more number of lists will be easy with it.

    If you have 10,000+ emails to be sent I recommend getting a godaddy economy plan. Create email accounts via GD. Use the SMTP to blast emails. I tried this back in 2010. Literally, with GD you can easily send upto 250k emails per day. The only drawback is you need to rotate the SMTPs. Godaddy allows 250 emails per day via SMTP per email account. With one domain you can create 100 email accounts ([email protected],[email protected] etc...). I used a software which automatically rotates SMTP. I used that when I was completely into Blackhat. I forget that now :(

    Get a .info domain and use it with GD. If your domain got burned use another new .info domain....
  7. F4EE.com

    F4EE.com Affiliate affiliate

    I use Interspire, Parabots & Infinite Responder

    They are all hosted on my HostGator account,

    Interspire is very good and very close to Aweber, but it's a paid script :p

    Parabots is the next best thing and it's a free script, I would use this if you have under 2K list [you can always move to Aweber after you hit 2K] yet you can set your sending to 2k a day & use it for larger lists.

    Infinite Responder is a ok script, it's free but has sigs that your list will see, luckly it's written in PHP that is very easy to null.

    This was my first Responder and never had over a 1K list on it, but I used it for the drip feed [the other two do this too] I had 355 messages loaded into it that would send out once a day, when someone got on it they wanted my daily newsletter which would have free download links [and twice a week would have clickbank links] The only complants I got was when someone got to the end, "it's been two days & no email dude! Whats up!"


    Aweber is the best and if you are going that route PM me for my link ;) [I could use the buck]
    But honestly it can take a long time to outgrow Parabots, and your already paying for your host!
    But that's me!:D
  8. Naveen

    Naveen Affiliate affiliate

    I am using Aweber and haven't faced any sort of problems and no doubt they are the best in this business.
    @.K - What is mac software. I have never heard of it.
  9. F4EE.com

    F4EE.com Affiliate affiliate

    :D lol, ya what the hell is this "Mac" :D

    Happy New Year!!
  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Software for apple macs lol!
  11. F4EE.com

    F4EE.com Affiliate affiliate

    Sorry Naveen,
    I just thiught that was funny.
    K , are those skinny pants? I herd skinny paints are for little girls & housewives!

    Just having fun with you!! Happy New Year!!
  12. pablo

    pablo Affiliate affiliate

    interspire. extremely easy to setup and work with
  13. If you go with paid interspire, they will actually customize it for you for what ever need you want, most ppl do not take advantage of that service they offer.