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What obstacles might you encounter on the path to success?


Hi there,

here's my question about success,

"what obstacles might you encounter on the path to success"

I would like to know the answer.

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Combinaison of procrastination and affraid to get out of our confort zone (job, corporate, retirement plan, etc.) There is so much confort in mediocrity in our time, unfortunately. A lot of people (including myself) are affraid or was affraid of success because we have not been educated this way.

Also, there are so many distractions these days that it is so easy to not focus on what we are doing for our business. Immediate results effortless, lack of perseverance and determination are other factors that contribute to hold us back.


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In order to get what we never had, we must do things we've never done! Sometimes, we expect to get different results with the same methods, which does not make sense.

Here a 10 minutes video I want to share:

The Nature of Success Movie

Hope it will inspire you. This video inspire me, I listen to it at least once a week.

Good luck!


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People who want to pull you down can hinder your way to success. Crab mentality! So you have to focus on your goals and don't mind the negative people around you. They're not worth the trouble.

Most importantly, believe in yourself!


Success is constitutional and depends on a PLUS condition of mind and body, on power of work and on courage.

The world is mathematical, and has no casualty in its entire vast and flowing curve. Success has no more eccentricity than the gingham and muslin we weave in our mills. Your success depends only on YOU.

Surround yourself with positive people, people that support and encourage you, people that also want to succeed. A lot of people are quite negative. Don't listen to such people who tell you that you are wasting your time, because it could decrease your passion and persistence.

People who haven't built a successful business will never understand what to do to be successful. Many people, for some reason, don't want to see you succeed. You must avoid them and try to put them out of your life.


Many people, for some reason, don't want to see you succeed. You must avoid them and try to put them out of your life.

Excellent points -- especially the one above. I've found that to be so true it's almost sad. I had to wing it alone. The only encouragement I got when I started was in webmaster forums i.e. strangers!

I don't understand that trait in people, but it's there for whatever reasons, as you said. I agree that it's imperative to ignore that attitude or any negative talk for that matter.

I still see it -- even my own niece, when I quit my job with the IRS, something I'd so long waited to do, was worried I'd fall flat on my face. Well, I'm doing better than ever. This is a young woman who knows me quite well and should have known I knew what I was doing, yet the "You can't do this" attitude was still there. Go figure. :confused:

Keep thinking positive!! ;)


Interesting to see how a thread with a general question generates such excellent responses. The members here are simply "awesome". Kudos to you guys!!


Consistency and patience. Results will not happen overnight and maybe not within the first couple of months but being patient and consistent will yield the desired results.

Arun Lakhera

The path to success goes through a narrow street. Time management and scarcity of resources are some of the obstacles you can encounter in the path to success.


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The obstacles that may I encounter is myself. I have a low self-steam that's why it's hard for me to be successful.


getting out of your comfort zone is surely a start! i would say time is an obstacle as sometimes it seems as though we don't have enough of it. however, we should remember to be organised therefore making the best usage of the time we have to do things.


Also, those new VISA/MC regulations that everyone is talking about...i guess if your an affilaite, it might not affect that much, but its becoming a big deal for merchants. There is an awesome post on this blog about the new compliance issues and what you can do to make sure that you are set!


Amen on standing through some failures. With so many easy money promises out there, it's easy to forget that it's like learning anything and real learning involves failure.

I also think that since most of us start out part time, there's a serious time management difficulty. In all fields of life you have to segment your time if it's stretched (it's probably a good idea if your time isn't stretched too).

First, set small goals and force yourself to be happy when you meet them. I had to force myself to be happy with small things on my first site. It was the kind of site that needed 60+ pages as a starting place. So forcing myself to write one or two pages a day, being happy with it, and then Q/Aing the pages later got the site launched. This was after months of staring at it overwhelmed.

Then, go enjoy yourself. If your next goal is an article, when you finally sit down to write that article, it'll be a better article if you forgot about it to have fun instead of persevorating on how to write it while out with your friends. Vice versa- when you're writing the article, don't think about your friends who may be out at the local bar having a good time. Just write it and write it well. Maybe you can join them when you're done.

I had to learn this through thesis writing. My undergrad thesis kept me up half the night, but my masters thesis was never worked on past 7PM. It's an amazing technique- and I must credit my college roommate for teaching me this.