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What is really the best traffic source for 2019- 2020?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Emma Natifico, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Emma Natifico

    Emma Natifico Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    We've been loving Facebook ads for a long time. But we make really a lot of money on Push and Pop ads. And politic rules Facebook is strict sometimes this politic not for us. I loved the neuron network Facebook. What about you guys? :ninja:
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  2. AdCombo
  3. Richpush

    Richpush Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    RichPush shows really nice results!

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  4. Jackjackie111

    Jackjackie111 Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook is good if you generate leads other than that pop traffic work good depend on what you promote.
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  5. thelegend

    thelegend Affiliate affiliate

    Can we use pop up traffic to promote clickbank products ?
  6. Jackjackie111

    Jackjackie111 Affiliate affiliate

    Don't do it if u don't have a lot of money to burn
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  7. malikshahzadcool

    malikshahzadcool Affiliate affiliate

    I think social media traffic is good source because conversion rate is higher than SEO Traffic.
  8. Chris_tax

    Chris_tax Affiliate affiliate

    The best source of customers is from people you have established a relationship. Relationships is the key to marketing.
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  9. Pushground

    Pushground Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    If you are looking for Push and Native traffic or for simply more conversions, check us out.

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  10. Ricky Larson

    Ricky Larson Banned affiliate

    The best traffic sources on your website or on your business are following
    a) email marketing
    b) social media optimization
    c) social media marketing
    d) SEO
    e) sem
  11. Gala

    Gala Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Try us! Ask for a deposit bonus ;)

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  12. Mindex

    Mindex Affiliate affiliate

    Join Social Media Advertisement Groups to promote your website and you must initiate good marketing skills.
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  13. SuryaJ

    SuryaJ Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    You might wanna try EZMob, we got direct and high-quality Push notification traffic for WW Geos.
    Reach out our support for more information.
  14. Kajin

    Kajin Affiliate affiliate

    I know a few of these sources:
    -Targeted advertising on social networks. This is a very good source of traffic, which has two important advantages: firstly, the social networks have a lot of multi-thematic traffic. Secondly, you can fine-tune the parameters of ads display, selecting users by gender, age, marital status, and, importantly, by interests.
    -Exchanges of banner and teaser ads. Cheap traffic of low quality. There are a lot of sites in such networks and they need to be tested, to bring bad sources to blacklist. This means time and money spent on testing before such traffic shows good results.
    -Services for motivated installations. These are services whose users install, run the specified application on your smartphone or tablet and receive a reward for doing so. This source is well suited for mobile operators who pay to install the application.
  15. Kalyn

    Kalyn Affiliate affiliate

    I'd say there's 2 answers to this question.

    #1. Organic - From my standpoint someone actively searching for you will always bring the highest long term value to your product.

    #2 Whatever brings the most value to your business after organic.

    The second one is testing different advertising types to figure out what yields the best conversion. I'd push in this order.

    Email - list building and emailing previous product users will always be my first go to.
    Social Media - Unpaid social media which is more geared around brand-ability and SEO
    PPC/SEM - expensive but always worth it in my eyes.
    Paid Native and Social Media ads
  16. sanjana.mishra

    sanjana.mishra Affiliate affiliate

    If you want to get quality traffic on your website try to get quality links for your website from high-authority sites. Some of the best traffic sources are-

    1. On-Page SEO
    2. Email Marketing
    3. Guest Posting
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Ads
    6. Affiliate Marketing