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EZmob is a full-service mobile advertising company with both leading edge technology and deep expertise in strategy, creative development, and media buys, making EZmob a one-stop-shop for brands, direct advertisers and agencies.

We provide our clients with access to:
EZmob’s exclusive publisher network powered by the highest performing mobile ad units.
Online ad networks powered EZmob’s ad units
Co operation with premium sites and apps.
Burst Campaigns and App Distribution.
Self-serve interface

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  1. SuryaJ
    Traffic Manager

Latest reviews

Great ad network :-)
I have been disappointed a few times by Ezmob and I guess they have used up my patience...
Obviously, this makes me write my review in a negative state of mind...
They do not seem to follow up on their own statements...
Details on my first campaign with them in my follow along thread
I have had over 50% of bot traffic in my campaign, and even the remaining traffic did not convert even close to what could be expected...
- On March 22nd I have been offered a $25 bonus to test another offer with their display traffic. I ran a display campaign with this offer suggested by them, burnt $80 without any real result. I was surprised by this because I would suspect they would have me test with a converting offer but appreciate something might be off, that is always the risk when testing any offer...
The promised $25 however was never credited to my account.
- On April 11 they contacted me themselves as their 'Supply team and CEO' wanted to talk to me about the traffic quality.
They never got back to me...
- April 29, the traffic quality I received was brought up again in another thread.
Following up in that post Ezmod asked me to get in touch with them to sort out my issues (which to me especially are not doing what they say). Last Tuesday, May 04 I was told on Skype 'okay, I will do it today'
And guess what... That was again the last message I got...
So separately from the fact that I got way too high bot traffic and some would expect a refund for bad traffic (which I did not even expect or request) I am extremely disappointed by this unprofessional behavior...
Never tell me you are going to do something without following up on your own words...
The only thing I can say is they have given me a few hints on optimizing my campaigns (appreciated as a complete newbie) and have always been kind and courteous...
To anybody that has read this till the end... Should you go with EZmob, I wish you better traffic but especially a professional contact...