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What is important to affiliates and what do they care about when choosing which Affiliate Network to work with?

Easy question. Difficult answer.

Addiliate is now +6 years active in the affiliate marketing industry as a Global Network, and our team is in daily touch with a lot of (potential) clients be it with advertisers, networks, affiliates, media buyers or marketing agencies. We run 900 campaigns on a global scale and manage more than 8,000 affiliates.

Every actor in the affiliate marketing industry has different interests and objectives. You could write a whole book about this, so in order to keep it brief this article will summarize in a nutshell the general needs and desires of the Affiliate.

Based on our extensive online advertising experience and our feeling with the market, these are the different points that Affiliates care about the most when working with an Affiliate Network:

1. Trust
Affiliates need to trust you entirely in order to scale your campaigns and deliver big numbers. The affiliate needs to have complete trust that he will get paid on time, that the network won't have any downtime, that offers won't go offline without notice, and that there won't be any unpleasant surprises in the cooperation.

2. Highest Payout
Affiliates want the highest possible payout on every offer. If they can find the same offer with another network at a higher payout, the affiliate will switch its traffic to that network. You can't blame them for that.

3. Fast Payments
A network acts as a bank to an affiliate. At the end of the day the Network manages the affiliate's money so its important they trust their money is save and will be paid out to them as fast as possible. Good affiliates should get paid on a weekly basis so they don't have to worry about cashflow and can focus 100% on media buying. We pay our affiliates every Wednesday - no exceptions!

4. Tracking
As a network your tracking needs to work 100% of the time and reporting needs to be 100% accurate. Every click and every conversion needs to get registered in the system on a real-time basis. Correct and timely reporting of data will help an affiliate to optimize his/her campaigns and make more money.

5. Personal contact with Account Manager
Affiliates are normal people like everyone else and need appreciation & recognition for their work, want to small talk from time to time and need fast input or feedback from their account managers on the performance of their campaigns, or to know what the new hot campaigns are on the network. For this reason at Addiliate every affiliate gets a dedicated account manager.

6. Insights into Results
More money, more problems Notorious BIG said. So every (big) affiliate will sooner or later run into problems with his/her campaigns. Its important the Network is fully transparant with the affiliate about problems or bumps in the road, and the Network should give full and detailed insights into leads or sales being (dis)approved, campaign restrictions, performance KPIs that the affiliate needs to meet, etc. Daily communication between the Network and the Affiliate is very important!

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Tim AdDays

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
The first thing an experienced affiliate pays attention at is the niche, network works with. Most marketers have their preferences considering offers. Then affiliate provides interest towards the types of traffic accepted by the network. If his or her traffic is allowed, there the points you mentioned become important.

Dr. Forum

The six key points that you have shared are very crucial in being a successful affiliate marketer. One thing that I do believe in most among the tips is trust. Once you gain trust of the clients you work with, then everything will run smoothly than expected. It also helps in keeping the clients for a longer period of time than it was initially thus to your benefit.