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  1. Deepika Gabani

    Mobile CPI Fraud in 2019.

    It's Time to Get Serious About Affiliate Fraud. What are the Methods to identify it????
  2. ismail elouatiq

    Affiliates Wanted Mobile apps offers with highest payout

    Hello I'm ismail elouatik , affiliate manager at 10mediagroup , best marketing performance network. We have great MOBILE CPI offers with highest payouts for many verticals and many geos supported. If you have high mobile traffic please do not hesitate to SIGN UP HERE and...

    What is Important to Affiliates?

    What is important to affiliates and what do they care about when choosing which Affiliate Network to work with? Easy question. Difficult answer. Addiliate is now +6 years active in the affiliate marketing industry as a Global Network, and our team is in daily touch with a lot of (potential)...
  4. CashflowChase

    My Affiliate Network Set Up.

    I've been following the requirements to start up in affiliate network. I rather start with mobile affiliate networking. 1. Got Accepted into MoreNiche, CheetahMediaLink(Mobile),Paydot 2. Bought a Domain at for dirtcheap might not be the best for getting a domain name. I can register...
  5. CashflowChase

    What to follow for newbies?

    I was wondering if someone could layout the steps for me I have already been accepted in a affiliate and mobile network. I am a member of cheetah media link which offers mobile offerings. Do I build a mobile landing page, and what would my platform be? I have the tools to get an already made...
  6. Chittaranjan Singh

    VCLIX - A ValueFirst Initiative

    VCLIX Is A Programmatic Powered & Results Led Cross Channel Digital Advertising Platform, Covering The Entire Spectrum Of The Digital Advertising Including - Email, Display, Video, Search And Social. VCLIX Has Delivered 3 Million App Install, 2 Million Leads In Last Quarter, With Its 5000+...
  7. Jeff_Z

    What retention rate is fair for CPI game offers?

    Hi everyone, I am new to mobile aff marketing and have a couple of questions about CPI game offers. From what I see so far, many of these offers come with a requirement of a minimum 1-2 day retention rate of 65-70%. Two questions: 1. Is 65-70% a fair RR for a game? If not, what is a fair...
  8. Steliyan Ivanov

    Mybestlick Mobi is looking for new publishers!

    Hi everyone, I am Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Mobi and I am Account Manager here. I am looking for CPA / CPI mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS apps. Please let me know if you provide mobile traffic! Skype: steliyan.mybestclick