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what is difference between blog and website ?

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by Mansi shrivastav, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Mansi shrivastav

    Mansi shrivastav Affiliate affiliate

    hello friends

    I am confused between blogs and websites because I have seen much time they both look like same, please tell me what is the difference between blogs and websites.
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  3. Adam80Johnson

    Adam80Johnson Affiliate affiliate

    It's the same. You can make your website as a blog, or a shop, or whatever else. It depends on a content. Wanna share your experience or give advices, well, then your website is a blog. Going to sell something- your website is a shop.
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Blog is a website for people without the technical ability (or desire) to create an HTML or dynamic scripted website.
    There are many pros and cons;
    • Deployment time
    • Unique template design
    • Resource usage
    • Website security
    • Design elements and their positioning and implementation
    • Ease of content editing
    • Precision of content editing
    • User coding skills required
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  5. Mansi shrivastav

    Mansi shrivastav Affiliate affiliate

    thank you for a reply.
  6. Mansi shrivastav

    Mansi shrivastav Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for your good reply.
  7. charles786

    charles786 Affiliate affiliate

    blog or website is the same as because of no difference between them, therefore, some websites or static but nowadays newer modification base is dynamic usually work it. blogger is a website and its comfortable of the content relevant related and smaller group of the informal of the written value base.
  8. Claire Harbour

    Claire Harbour Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Mansi shrivastav, that's a good question. The defining feature, I feel, is that blogs are more geared up for regular updates and comments. With a blog, the content is usually organised into posts which are listed chronological order. A regular website is more static, often times the content won't change much and the content is organised into pages.
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  9. Certified

    MyLead Active Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    The biggest difference between them is content. For Blog, you are creating a lof of articles, text and a lot of content. Website is something, that might not have a lot of articles text, for example, you can host movies and games on them. Each blog is a website, but not every website is a blog.
  10. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    @ Mansi, I think the difference consists in the purpose, and that affects the format of the communication flow.
    With a blog you want to steadily inform your readers about something.
    So a blog should be updated regularly through new posts.
    Essentially you communicate through posts and comments, and only through them.
    Posts look like articles. You argue for or against an idea, elaborate on that, justify your conclusions etc.

    A website has a different purpose, and so the information is presented in another format,
    but I can't describe appropriately neither the former nor the latter :)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  11. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    A blog seems to be a website for those with limited HTML and coding skills or web development budget primarily.

    A blog is a web commentary. Blogs were originally centered on creating content with comments, weren't they?
    Today they have become spam comment beacons -- not the original intent at all.

    The best use case for a blog is in ancillary use supporting in depth articles about a website (product seller's) product and its uses and features.

    There are some exceptions to what I have said --but damn few.