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What i should know before starting with bing ads?

Discussion in 'Traffic Sources - General' started by mednaim, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. mednaim

    mednaim Affiliate affiliate

    I want to start a few campaigns to promote CPA offers on bing ads, what I should know before I start? and how much money I need for testing compaigns?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Voluum
  3. Angelito tolentino

    Angelito tolentino Affiliate affiliate

    If u don't have an option page don't start a campaign u need an Autoresponder that will respond to d people that will see ur ad check d descption of the video 1st
  4. GladysEdu

    GladysEdu Affiliate affiliate

    So here's how it works.
    You create a Bing Ads campaign. Within that campaign, create different ads. Each one is worded differently. The Bing Ad should send people firstly to a pre-landing page, then to the offer page.
    If these people completed the action on the offer page then you'll receive a commission.

    In order to create a converting Bing Ad, be sure to make a keyword research to figure out which keywords would work best. This is where Keyword Planner and Campaign Planner, which are two tax-free tools built-into Bing Ads, come into play. Aside from keywords, some offers might do better targeting certain countries. Maybe the offer does better during certain hours of the day. So you may limit the times it runs.
    Good luck!
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  5. Ma'at Hetep

    Ma'at Hetep Affiliate affiliate


    Great response!

    I have been trying to set up campaign on Google Ads but its quite frustrating as I get disapproved it seems Google does not like my offer; it requires a sale to convert and its a health product. Does Bing also have such a strict entry barrier as Google? I'd like to know how it works. Thanks.