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What do you think of my new marketing scheme


Well, as you know (or don't know. Haha), I just recently opened my own marketing company. Basically, I sell things, right? Well, wouldn't it be cool to be offered an incentive for buying someone's products? Of course it would. Think of it this way, how many times does target, best buy, or newegg pay you to shop at their stores? Never! Well, since my marketing company relies solely upon the believed concepts of devoted customer care and one on one interaction with customers, I feel that I can definitely make my customers feel good about buying from me by paying them to buy from me. And here is how it works. My company sells toilet paper, electronics, apparel, vitamins, energy supplements, nutritional protein bars, and anything else you think of, we probably have it for sell. For an example, let's say you purchase a case of energy drinks for 3 months for around 24.99 a case. Now, this is not a rip-off energy drink, it is second in line with red bull and in fact, only contains 8 calories, no caffeine, and no sugar and 4900% of vitamin B 12 in every serving. The body's natural element of energy. Let's say a customer of mine buys a case of energy drinks every month for 3 months. At the end of that third month, I say "Hey, Mike, you know how you decided to purchase 3 cases of energy drinks from me for 3 months? Well here is your ribbon album. Take a look and pick something you like, you earned it. Now here is the thing, because I care so much about my customers, I spend my money to buy my customer a gift incentive album. In this album, my customer can flip through it and pick something he likes: a home theater system, etc. In spending 25 dollars a month with me for 3 months, you will earn the 25 dollar gift incentive album. Here are some of the products they can choose from:


Now, if you were spending closer to 150 to 200 dollars a month with me, on the third month you would see a gift incentive album of something like this..


Let's say you want to do about 250-280 a month with me, you would then see on the third month, a gift album like this. Just take a look at some of these free things my customers can get:


Linda Buquet

I know the company you are working with and the "scheme."
It's MLM, so you can't promote it here. We don't do MLM at 5 Star.
We only allow promotion of affiliate programs which are free to join
and then only by the company owner, not distributors or MLM associates.

I used the Gift Albums as giveaways for some major affiliate Holiday contests
I've done. So I think the album concept they have is pretty cool.

However, I wasn't recruiting for the MLM and didn't join the program.
I just bought albums at retail and gave them away for free to contest winners.