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What do you mean by web hosting?


Web hosting is also known as hosting, webhosting, web space, web hosting space or some other terms related. In fact, it’s the space on the web server where you can store your websites. Your website is anything about web files, web pages, web images and also mp3 files, movie files,…Web hosting is the space where your websites place and it processes any requests from internet users.

When choosing the web hosting, you need to consider many features that the hosting can provides to you. These features listed below can give you some references when buying
  • Hosting Space
  • Hosting Domains
  • Database
  • Free Domain Include
  • Hosting Speed
  • Hosting Load Capacity
  • Hosting Support
Source here: What is web hosting and how to choose a suitable one?

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In simple words, Webhosting is nothing but the storage of the website. Here you can store all the website data on a web server. The hosting is different types and the type of hosting you need depends on your applications and requirements. Here are the different types of hosting plans
  1. Dedicated Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Collocation web hosting and
  5. Reseller Webhosting.