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What are Top Conversion Rates???

Linda Buquet

I have not seen conversion rates quoted for awhile. We all know conversions vary by market and for a long time 2% was considered to be the average conversion rate. Well the <a target="_new" href="">Grok guys at FutureNow</a> just shared some conversion numbers in hopes it would raise everyone's goals. I think most, if not all, of these companies have affiliate programs too - so this list may give you ideas for merchants to add to your Holiday line-up.

<strong>ProFlowers - 31.7%
LaneBryant Catalog - 17.6%
Office Depot - 14.6%
Coldwater Creek - 14.3%
L.L. Bean - 13.3%
Eastbay - 13.2%
Lillian Vernon - 13.1% - 13.1%
Amazon - 12.5%
QVC - 12.3%</strong>

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings


Yeah, the insurance program I used to manage had a conversion rate hovering around the 20% mark. I didn't believe it myself until I saw the analytics and conversion data. I good design and sales page can work wonders with targetted traffic.


New Member
I think the most important thing is how targeted the traffic is.

the term "fishing" is not targetted at all for example. Someone searching for "fishing" could be looking for pictures, a definition, rods, reels, lakes, resorts or anything.

If I search or am looking for "fly fishing destinations in southern texas" obviously I am going to be more likely to pay up.

I hope that makes sense.