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Website - Starting Out


Hi All,

Will I have a problem joining CJ, Linkshare etc. if I have a blank website but
nothing is published or generating any traffic.


Linda Buquet

Each merchant you want to join will review your site and need to approve you individually, so even if CJ lets you in, the merchants you want to join may not.

I don't know to tell you the truth if CJ would approve.
Best to just at least get some basic content up before you try I think.
OR at least put up a page that says CJ merchants, I am in the process of
buiding a new site and the focus will be XYZ and I plan to market via
search engines or whatever. (Not sure how well that would work, but better than nothing.)

Some merchants auto approve everyone, but most will check your site and some won't approve you unless you have relevant content and some are strict and want a certain amount of traffic or some PR. Everyone has different criteria.


Also, if you do happen to get denied by a program, it's not the end of the story. Sometimes the affiliate manager just wants to hear from you and hear about what your plans are. If you're really interested in a program, and you get denied, don't hesitate to shoot an email to the AM and ask them what are they looking for to accept affiliates.


New Member
Great information guys.

When I first started out, the whole process was confusing to me and brought to mind a few questions I had:

Am I supposed to have a website established already?
Do I apply before I set up a website?
What do I say to the affiliate network when applying for a particular merchant?

My favorites of course are the auto approve variety. But still with this I had a basic website established and IMHO, it is the best way to go.

Linda is right about having at least some basic relevant info on your website.

You will enhance your credibility and it will make joining CJ much easier. Once approved with CJ, you can then apply for any merchant there and the approval process with those merchants are a "piece of cake".

But remember, the key is relevant content.

To your success,