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Hi Everyone

Its Been A While Since i've Posted On This Forum, Thought I'd Come Back With Some Fresh new Tips On Website Conversion. Here They Are:

* Make A Intro/Sub-Headline - this Should be At The Top And smaller than the headline and sub headline below it. It should "Introduce The Headline". This Is Optional But It Will Help Conversion.

* Make A Big Headline - This Should Be In Big And Blod And Should Be Red As That Stands out better. You must announce your biggest/main BENEFIT not feature in this headline. It Could Be Long Or Short(not too short, more than 2 lines).

* A Sub-Headline - This Should Be Your Seccond Biggest Benefit. Should Be In Bold, Smaller Than Headline And black. Can Be Long or Short.

* From And Date: Should Have "From: Your name" And "Date:" I Recommend That You Get A Date Script Which Tells The Person Exactly What Date It Is When The Person Views It. The Person Then Thinks That This Site Was Only Published Today, Which Also Helps Conversion.

* The Copy - This Should Be In Good Clear And Readable Font. Tahoma Is The One I Use. You Should Have An Intro Paragraph. Then The Body Of The Copy Should Be Like: sub-Headline(e.g Question) - text(e.g Answer). Then The Final Part, The Call To Action. this Should Be A Time Limited Offer, E.g. Ends Tonight At Midnight Or Limited Copies Available. Then The Buy Button. Last But Not Least You Need A P.S And A P.P.S, These Should Make The Person Feel That If They Don't Buy They Will Miss Out And Carry On Having Trouble, Where As if they buy it they won't have trouble.

Feel free To Add To This List

Jameel Mukadam