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We create professional buffer sites


Our company performs professional buffer sites which generates real users' move that leads to enhancement of sale and visibility of target websites. There is a possibility of commission in english, polish and german version.

Along with changes in algorithm of Google, we can observe that the bigger value , the better backlinks from trusted sources.

One of the best way to gain such links is to create you own buffer sites network.

What is a buffer site?

Buffer sites, for now, is the most powerful way to linking structure in existence. So what is buffer sites? Buffer sites is a website like blog, articles or other form of Web 2.0 properties. Most people uses blogs like WordPress, blogger or tumblr as their buffer sites. By using buffer sites, you can protect your money site (main site) from having unnatural back links. Google does not like unnatural back links so now with buffer sites, you can rest assure your money site will not get black listed by Google for now (Who knows Google change algorithm in the future).

To meet SEO agency expectations, we would like to offer a service of creating professional buffer sites.

As a part of service, we offer:

- the choice of long tail keywords

- support in choosing appropriate domain with thematic back links

- Installation, creating and optimisation based on Wordpress Content Management System on premium templates.

- Creating basic version of logo

- 10 thematic photographs

- preparing 10 unique articles of 1500 zzs length ( the possibility of buying larger amount of characters)

- monitoring 15 keywords during positioning buffer site ( in case of one-off service- one month)

- positioning buffer site from long tail's phrases.

The cost of creating a website in english or german language

200 £ (without linking)

250 £ ( with linking)

As a part of linking in german or english versions, we make 50 profiles from high Trust Rank domains.

It is possible to create buffer sites on our domains and servers, given the fact of additional cost realated to purchase of domains and hosting.

If the commision is bigger than usual ( up to 10 pages) , we offer a special prize.

We prepare an invoice.

Mail contact: rankitpl@gmail . com

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