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Want to get started in Mobile?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by K, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  2. ytz
  3. Angelman

    Angelman Affiliate affiliate

    Look forward to seeing how you do and how you tackle mobile. I see it as something I'd like to diversify into at some point, before every man and his dog jumps on board, but right now I'm not sure its for me. That could well be because I simply don't know enough about the processes involved.
  4. Ryker

    Ryker Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the share. I'd like to get into some heavy mobile marketing soon. It's certainly not to be ignored by savvy marketers as smartphones become the everyday norm.
  5. MagnificentBasterd

    MagnificentBasterd Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Yeah, Mobile marketing is the wave of the future. I hear that it is being asked frequently by AM's if it's part of an affiliate's MO. Considering there are more mobile phones than there are computers with internet access, it's most certainly an avenue that should be explored.
  6. iamthecoolnerd

    iamthecoolnerd Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I'm looking forward to what you find. I've started messing around with an idea to use with Instagram
  7. MundoFred

    MundoFred Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, I'm one of the senior affiliate managers at Mundo Media and mobile has been a huge vertical for us for well over a year now. For all my affilates new to mobile, I like to recommend they start off in AU, as it's an easy market to get into due to similar language, availability of traffic and higher mobile user engagement. At the same time, don't sleep on smaller countries like Thailand, Singapore and Finland. If you have any country specific questions, hit me up and I can give you some solid targeting tips.
  8. yeahmobi

    yeahmobi Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    thanks for the share, hope to see the introduction of other ad networks


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