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Start your affiliate marketing journey with Vimmy!

The ad network is a tool for the job; like a builder's hammer - reliable, easy to use, unmistakably fulfilling its functions.

The task of the advertising network is to connect buyers and sellers of traffic, thereby combining supply and demand.

The advertising network is responsible for the services provided and the quality of the traffic, so in Vimmy, publishers (owners of sites that sell traffic) enter the auction only after checking the traffic for bots.

The fate of your first budget and the general mood at the start of the affiliate program largely depends on the choice of a reliable affiliate network.

The choice is yours: roll the dice or start working with the support of experienced professionals in this field.

A logical question: How to break through the noise and bright advertising to find and choose a reliable and suitable network for you?

Key questions when choosing a network
  • Available ad formats
  • Traffic prices
  • Payment/recharge options
  • Opportunities for optimization and automation of processes
  • Availability of anti-adblock technology
  • Detailed statistics and transparency in everything
  • Direct publishers
  • Reviews and reputation of the company
  • Availability of an account manager and technical support
Why Vimmy is perfect for beginners.

A simple, intuitive platform and support from a personal account manager gives you an advantage in work already at the start.

Top 5 reasons to choose Vimmy as your partner:

Always in touch

The account manager is one of the key partners of the affiliate. For a newcomer to the field, this is one of the keys to a positive start. We wrote more about the benefits of having an account manager in the article “Support that helps!

An ad network manager is an irreplaceable expert in non-standard situations. He knows everything about the platform and its settings, has data on popular geos, verticals and offers. At Vimmy, you can count on professional support without strings attached. We, like no one else, are interested in you working with us for a long term and launching successful campaigns!

Our support works all year round, 24 hours a day, whenever you decide to create, optimize and scale your campaign, we are always happy to help.

Transparency and trust

For Vimmy, customer trust is one of the key priorities. Transparency, detailed statistics, direct publishers and checking traffic for fraud.

Trust in the network you work with is peace of mind, there are so many other worries in life, why create unnecessary ones?

Automation - saving resources

Another indispensable assistant to the affiliate marketer is the automation of work processes.

Workflow automation - gives you the opportunity to concentrate on more important tasks, making the most of your working time.

A good indicator is that the network keeps up with the times, updates the platform, adds functionality for more convenient and faster work.

For you, we have made a smart optimization tool, API, automatic recharge of the balance, balance depletion notifications and stopping campaigns on the budget.

Wide range of tools and targeting

A small number of targetings is a limitation of the affiliate's capabilities.

There are situations when you need to launch to a specific audience. This is only possible if the network provides an extensive number of custom targeting.

In addition to classic targeting in Vimmy you will find:
  • User activity targeting
  • Country targeting
  • OS
  • By device type and connection
  • By internet providers and mobile operators
  • By browsers and languages
We provide all possible targeting.

Feedback and reviews

The community will always prompt and help, asking people who work in the field is much more productive than reading impersonal reviews.

For such purposes, forums like - We Help Each Other to Make Money Online and affilitefix, beermoneyforum, etc. are well suited. You can find Vimmy representatives on each of them.

We are always happy to share relevant information, prompt and help. Also on our blog every week there is a fresh article, interview, case, review or other information for advertisers or publishers.

Yes, some of these forums are paid, but that's a good thing. Would you pay a membership fee for a community that you don't work in? Of course not. A good way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In addition to questions about the network, there are tons of useful information, guides, discussions and case studies on such forums.

Reviews on the network are also good, you can see what the “office” is like and what kind of targeting and optimization options the network has, so feel free to explore.


You can search for a good network, a good offer for a long time, study a lot of materials on how to launch correctly, wait for a full moon or an eclipse, or you can just start today, right now!

Take the first step to making money — register in the Vimmy advertising network!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
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The most profitable website niches for advertising

Is there anyone who still wonders why some website owners earn nearly $10,000 monthly from ads? You may say someone barely makes $80 when the same ad network is used. So what is the difference?

One must understand and know advertising effectiveness metrics, focus on checking and considering all the necessary factors - there is a lot to do. And after this part of the plan comes forecasting real ad revenue realms and real opportunities. Those which are close to the matter. All the basic points like top blogging niches, average CPC rates, reliable tips about monetization.

And our team will speak about some niches and sub-niches which are profitable. This is a long list of information which is really valuable and you may use it all or pick some parts and tips.

And let us make it clear and simple. We suggest you a huge list of broad areas with some suggestions for more specific niches inside. So you may pick some area or use a particular niche.

All this may work, but you must test. Topics and subjects for your blog must not be too rare and specific, there will be no traffic and no good quality of guests and visitors. Newbies will make success using this list because they are to choose a website for money making. So their choice is rather important and must be done in a very sensible way.

The most popular and profitable niche you can imagine. Virus content, various videos, cat photos, memes, funny pics, TikTok videos, whatever else. All this is always a good thing. Everyone spends time on the internet surfing and chilling, watching some relaxing and entertaining content. This subject is the first one to be for huge traffic volumes.

Insurance and legal matters
This may be called the most expensive niche. But this requires a good reliable name experience. One should have a strong industry background and known name being a trusted expert.

Online education
This is actually nowadays according to our reality if you know what we mean. Especially its sub-niches which are the next.
  • Online schools
  • Learning methods reviews
  • ’How to…’ lifehacks
  • Self-education
  • Education webinar platforms
Topics on this subject are still popular and specialists in marketing are rather necessary and in high demand on the job market. Also they do work like freelancers and there is a huge pile of information for articles, discussions and topics.
Use the following sub-niches.
  • Landing pages advice
  • SEO tactics
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Business presence and development strategies
  • Personal brand advice
  • Marketing tools
Money making
This is actually our subject. And all the people are always really interested in new ways, hints, life hacks and tips for money income and its raising.
Use these sub-niches.
  • How to make money online
  • How to make money blogging
  • How to make money from smth

Health & Fitness
Lots of things to discover! A self-care routine, a healthy diet, blogs on mental health - take it and make it. Articles about nutrition, self-care, meditation, yoga, some type of fitness, home fitness routine, spiritual practicing and religious studies can be a gold mine.

Helping people find their work/life balance, explaining to them how to manage this and not to gain stress is a nice idea. You may speak about time management and self-development, complete some useful financial guidances, and a various mix of ’eat-pray-love’ advice will be nice too.

Relationships and parenting
This is a huge and various mix of psychology, lifestyle, personal growth. Rather an important and necessary sphere of life. Young people marry and desperately try to figure out the perfect way to make it work. So you may help them by making a Mom or Dad blog, completing articles about relationship advisory or guides about teenage parenting.

Food & Beverages
A whole world for articles, topics, discussions. Food is always a pleasure, and lots of users like to read something new about it. You may pick some receipts, choose something about cocktails and party drinks, write about tea sorts or prepare a good vegan latte at home.
Here are the sub-niches you may use.
  • National cuisine,
  • exclusive recipes,
  • coffee-lovers community.

It is always a perfect idea to approach your blog or webpage monetization complexly. But the financial income will not come at glance. Ads on your page will work, just give them time and test them. People say that up to two years must pass before you gain your valuable income and raise your revenues. So achieving really satisfying financial results is not a myth, but a deal of consistency.

Lots of people give up and quit after a year. Be persistent, so this is how you will gain your money and have a huge income. And make your ads work with Vimmy team, of course.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Valentine's Day promo

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️‍ Spring is the best time for dating!

Do you think that dating in push notifications has already outlived its usefulness? Don't underestimate the potential of the In-Page Push format.

Easy campaign setup, low cost per click, and excellent compatibility with Smart Tools Optimization campaign automation processes.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, the relevance of dating offers is only increasing. In search of communication, people are more inclined to the online dating format.

Test, look for your creatives and approach that will give a stable conversion. We recommend High Quality In-Page feeds 86, 457 for the dating vertical.

Use promo code VALENTIN250 and get a $25 bonus on a $250 deposit, valid until 20.02.

Start your campaign right now!


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Affiliate Manager
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In-Page Push Notification Ads: Extra Power for Your Advertising Campaigns

There are dozens of different ways to monetize traffic from a content publishing site. That said, users are bombarded with advertising as soon as they start looking for information online, so it’s not always easy to get the most from the content you produce.

While it’s true that traditional ad types like push ads and pop-unders still produce great results, innovative formats like in-page push (IPP) notifications are helping publishers boost their revenue without having to increase their traffic. In this article, we’ll go over the definition of in-page push notification ads, explain their advantages, and give you tips on how to launch a successful IPP campaign.

What Are In-Page Push Notification Ads?​

Before going any further, let’s go over the definition of in-page push notifications. By now, almost all publishers are familiar with traditional push notifications. These ads offer superb engagement metrics, but users need to subscribe to push requests before they start getting alerts.

In-page push notifications ads look and feel like conventional pushes, but they are actually part of the page or platform that contains them. In other words, they come from the site, rather than the device itself. So to users, the notification looks the same, but publishers don’t need to send out subscription requests to serve these ads.

All you need to do is set up the IPP code on your pages and ads are displayed based on the user’s information.

Advantages of IPP Notifications​

IPP ads bring all of the great benefits of push notifications, but they give publishers the ability to exponentially improve their results.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of IPP notifications.

Greater Audience Reach​

Conventional push ads are great in terms of engagement, but they offer limited reach because every publisher needs to request a subscription before they start sending alerts. This is especially noticeable in mobile IPP ads because iOS users behave very differently from people that use Android.

For years, publishers have been trying to reach iOS users because they spend almost twice as much on average. But, iOS didn’t allow push notifications until much later than Android, not to mention the fact that the ads were not as prominent. Now, IPP ads not only help publishers monetize iOS users but also show their ads to everyone that browses through their pages.

Reduce Banner Blindness Effect​

Banner blindness is a term used to describe the phenomenon where consumers completely ignore obvious ads. IPP notifications are not only prominent, but they also look like a device alert. This calls the user’s attention regardless of the situation, reducing the banner blindness effect and boosting engagement at the same time.

Relies on Real-Time Technology​

IPP ads are similar to pop ads because of the mechanism they employ. But, this innovative format is compatible with real-time bidding, which means that publishers can sell each impression for its maximum potential value. This becomes even more valuable when working with a revshare partner that offers a huge commission, like Vimmuy’s market-leading 85%.

Allows for Targeting of Different Audiences​

Besides allowing publishers to get the most from the traffic, the fact that IPP ads work on real-time technology also means that these affiliates have the ability to target different audiences.

Targeting abilities are essential in order to monetize traffic because users from different locations have varying values. Through IPP, publishers can participate in multiple programs that ask for traffic from specific demographic denominations and monetize these separately.

It’s Performance-Based​

Selling ads per 1000 impressions is easier, but this also represents huge potential losses for publishers. Instead, IPP ads allow you to build performance-based campaigns. And, with help from the right network, each conversion generated will represent a long-term gain rather than a few fast dollars.

How to Launch a Successful Push Notification Campaign​

Now that we understand a bit more about IPP ads, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to launch a successful in-page push notification campaign.

Remember that all publishers are different, so take the time to analyze each step and adjust it depending on your specific circumstances.

Focus on the Latest Operating Systems​

New devices are released seemingly every year and avid consumers do their very best to keep up with the changes. By focusing on the latest operating systems, you’ll ensure that your message is reaching users who are more likely to see the value in your ads and become conversions.

Ensure that the Images and Rich Media Elements Are Suitable​

IPP notifications can include an image, but remember that it’s relatively small compared to other formats. Therefore, you should choose an image that can be seen properly and fits within the limited space.

Choose a Reliable Tracking Platform​

IPP ads are relatively new, but tracking providers have been able to adapt quickly because these creatives employ similar tech to pop adverts. You can choose from a wide collection of tracking platforms, but make sure that these offer not only the ability to track IPP ads, but also provide a list of valuable metrics.

Craft a Set of Quality Creatives​

You can’t create all the ads you need at once because you need to see how your audience behaves to the first versions. That said, you should create the first set of ads with plenty of time and have them ready when building your campaign.

Test Out Emojis, Broad Targeting Settings, and Similar Variables​

In addition to the image and the ad copy, you can also test out different variables like including emojis and trying out broad targeting settings for a bit to see what results you get.

Ready to Learn More? Vimmy Is Here to Help​

At Vimmy, we offer our partners the ability to leverage IPP ads to start making more money from their current traffic. We believe that the best commission structure for affiliates is revenue sharing, which is the reason why we offer our partners up to 85% on commissions for each conversion.

To learn more about partnering with Vimmy, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
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Offers for popunder - some tips about offers and verticals

Popunders are a special ad format. The user does not expect an advertisement, but it jumps out all of a sudden. And not everyone wants to look at it, what’s about clicking, huh? To make users pay is a great puzzle to be solved! And here the best offers are the simplest offers. Where a minimum of actions is needed.

The list of offers for popunders is like this exactly:
  • leave an e-mail, subscribe,
  • install the application,
  • download some actual PC updates.

Yes, payments for such offers are not above the roof, if you try, you can take by number, not the size of payments. Popunders have large volumes.
Popunders usually have large amounts.

If you choose the right verticals, the profit will be even nicer than you expect.

There are some standart niches of goods that are always profitable, and there are also some new leading trends. Because of the lockdown and home office work, for example, the demand for antiviruses and data protection on the Internet has increased - working from home has its impact.

But in 2021 it is cool to place your bids on VPNs, antiviruses, cleaners and not only! Cryptocurrency has become a bombing trend, bitcoin prices have jumped, although the niche is not easy to gain some income.

So popunder trend verticals in 2022 are:
  • Crypt
  • Utilities
  • VPN
But there is also a list of stable verticals that are almost always good. It's a classic list which always works well and is profitable and stable even for not too skilled newcomers.

Top niches for popunders:
  • dating,
  • gambling,
  • betting,
  • adult,
  • smartlinks.
  • practical jokes.
Be in trend or follow the classics - it's up to you. Vimmy team advises you to experiment and see in practice which vertical you can work with most effectively.Combine gold standards and trends, test creatives, try variations, test them in practice! Look for ideas, share experiences. We will always help if you have any questions about the campaigns. Great results and high ROI - together with Vimmy!
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Affiliate Manager

Vimmy welcomes Capitalist!

Friends, now you can replenish your Vimmy account through the Capitalist system.

Capitalist is a convenient online payment system. A safe and secure way to top-up your account balance and transfer funds worldwide.

To replenish your account, contact your manager in live chat.


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Affiliate Manager
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A bonus pack of tips for promoting your blog

We already mentioned some hints and methods for blogger’s promotions. But if you want to have more success, you have to use all the ways possible. And Vimmy gives you more ideas here. They may not be so obvious, but try them. At least read and try to analyze if there is a point to working with them.

Repromoting old successful content:

Do not forget about your old posts, texts and videos. They may help you. Repromote them to all your accounts everywhere and check this with a special tool to see what’s the most popular and readable. Even your old materials may give you some good traffic.

Finding out nice visuals:

Images and photos are the best way to attract attention. They achieve more engagement and reactions. Try more visuals while making your content, add more good looking graphical parts and eye catching photos. The effectiveness of your content will rise. Add more visual noticeability to your blog. All the images, graphics, animated GIFs, videos are a great instrument to catch your readers. Refresh your avatar, choose some photo presets and enjoy the results.

Content republishing:

This instrument is also called content syndication. It considers republishing all the same videos, texts, images and GIFs on multiple websites. This tip also benefits the sources by exposing the content to new audiences.

Content repurposing:

This tip includes using your most popular posts. You just take them all and turn them into more forms of content which are new and fresh. But a summary of what you’ve already published and what each one has to offer your audience is certainly needed. Otherwise it will not work.

Content repurposing involves reusing your most popular posts into new forms of content. This is only possible if you have a summary of what you’ve already published and what each one has to offer your audience. You can change some blog posts and make new infographics, videos, podcasts and images with text. Do not forget to add good CTAs to encourage your readers and gain more reactions and traffic.


Choose just one or two blog promotion strategies, choose your tools and see what works best. If you are not satisfied, just calm down and try adding another until you find something that works like a combination. It all depends. So one tactic is good for one blog post, but it may not cope with some other texts and materials you produce.

Don’t change your strategies and tips too quickly, as some of them just may take longer to work than others.

After a while, you’ll be able to make and combine every tool, way and method that is good for your own goals. All this will be turned into a huge solid personalized content promotion strategy. And you will use it and change something according to your own personal research and analytics.


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Affiliate Manager
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7 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Use A Spy Tool

Affiliate marketers have to consider a huge range of variables when developing campaigns. While inexperienced affiliates tend to start from scratch, testing all variables is resource-intensive and time-consuming. Knowledgeable marketers, on the other hand, conduct extensive research using affiliate spy tools to understand what leading competitors are doing and hit the ground running.

At Vimmy, we work closely with a huge number of leading affiliates across multiple industries, so we understand how these professionals leverage spy tools to build better campaigns. In this article, we’ll define spy tools and provide 7 reasons why all affiliates should leverage this type of software during their campaign creation and optimization processes.

What Are Spy Tools?​

In the affiliate context, spy tools are software solutions that allow marketers to identify, track, and analyze competitor campaigns. Not all spy tools are the same, but reliable platforms often provide robust features that allow you to see beyond superficial metrics.

For example, a powerful affiliate spy tool will not only reveal what graphics and wording competitors are implementing, but also the program, landing page, and f conversion statistics.

Keep in mind that there are many different marketing tracking platforms, but not all of these bring features dedicated specifically to affiliate marketing. For instance, you can find platforms that monitor competitor SEO performance, but it fails to provide valuable insights like affiliate offer or landing page details.

Can’t I Just Do Manual Assessments?​

Many affiliates fall into the trap of obsessing over manual assessments after understanding the concept of collecting marketing intelligence. However, there are a few reasons why this isn’t a great alternative.

For starters, manual reviews take a huge amount of time, and therefore, they cost a lot of money. Spy tools allow you to see information from hundreds of competitors through a single platform.

Another common issue with manual assessments is that it’s impossible to complete enough of them to be statistically significant. So, if you start reviewing manually and compiling information, the offer you want to promote may be over by the time you finish analyzing the data.

Lastly, manually analyzing competitor campaigns doesn’t provide the whole picture. Even the most versatile affiliates will have a hard time determining exactly what program, network, or advertiser a competitor is using without help.

7 Reasons You Should Use a Spy Tool for Affiliate Marketing​

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common forms of advertising and it’s used by countless businesses across almost all verticals. This means that you have the ability to choose an industry that you understand and find interesting.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of using spy tools when developing an affiliate marketing campaign.

1. Gain Insights Into Competitor Campaigns​

Competitors choose unique networks, programs, images, videos, ad formats, and CTA wording, all of which influence the performance of their campaigns. Through a robust spy tool, you can have access to this information and gain valuable insights into the techniques that leading affiliates have in place..

2. Compare Your Current Performance to the Competition​

It’s true that comparison is the thief of joy, comparing your performance to the leading competitors can help you understand what element they have in place that you don’t and close the gap between the two campaigns. Not only this, but you can also get a good idea of how the leading affiliates in your vertical are performing and help you figure out when it’s time to find other alternatives.

3. Use the Data to Create Projections​

The more data you have about leading competitors and your industry as a whole, the easier it will be to create accurate projections of your performance. This is helpful because you can make plans to reinvest a portion of your profits and set a schedule for how long your ads run for.

4. Build a More Comprehensive Strategy​

All affiliates develop campaigns to the best of their abilities, but what seems obvious for one marketer is not necessarily so for another. By conducting research using spy tools, you may be able to identify ad formats, CTA styles, and other elements that you don’t currently have and can implement in your campaign.

5. Reduce Unnecessary Losses​

Remember how we said that using affiliate spy tools is better than testing? The reason for this is that extensive testing requires additional resources. Fortunately, having a powerful spy tool can help you hit the ground running and reduce the number of overall tests/optimizations you have to do.

6. Develop Better Approaches​

A reliable spy tool is the perfect piece of software to help you develop comprehensive strategies, depending on what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to improve conversions, you can see if competitors are using pre-landers, remarketing campaigns, and similar elements to boost their conversions.

7. Identify the Best KPIs​

There is no one-size-fits-all list of key performance indicators (KPIs) for every affiliate, so you need to figure out which metrics are the most valuable to your platform and keep a close eye on their performance. Luckily, a powerful spy tool can help you see what metrics reflect the success of the leading affiliates and monitor these numbers on your campaign.

Features You Should Look for in Your Spy Tool​

Here are some of the top features you should look for when researching affiliate spy tools.
  • The ability to filter ads by niche, traffic type, country, and more
  • Customized searches
  • Market and traffic details
  • Reveal all competitor call-to-action texts
  • See a copy of the program landing page
  • Competitor suggestions

Popular Affiliate Marketing Spy tools​

Adplexity adult
Mobidea spy tools

Ready to Take Your Campaign to the Next Level? Vimmy Is Here to Help

Creating and optimizing an affiliate campaign takes a lot of effort. But, with the right guidance and data, you should be able to hit the ground running and shorter your ads’ revenue turnaround. Spy tools are excellent platforms to help you unveil what competitors are doing and implement similar techniques to the leading affiliates.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
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Diagnosing traffic drops. Hey, Google, what’s the heck?

Publishers and webmasters have troubles if some traffic drops happen. Especially if you try to earn some money and get your traffic higher, you may have serious issues when Google shows you some sudden surprises. No one alarms when traffic decreases and falls down. If there is an unexpected traffic drop, you may use free tools by Google. This is how you effectively diagnose what’s happening.

Vimmy is going to tell you some brilliant information about this issue. And this is a way to learn the most common causes for traffic dips. So you will be able to fix or cope with them. Here is a guid about the most common causes of traffic drops and its diagnostics, some tips about traffic statistics and other traffic sources to check. Here we go!

The most important thing about traffic drop is analyzing and checking all the sources of traffic to find out where the problem is. You are to figure out where you’re losing your traffic. So first, here are the main sources of it, the most valuable - just five basic types.
  • Direct - visitors who came directly typing the URL into their browser’s search bar or by clicking on a saved URL bookmark.
  • Organic - users who came after searching (Google, etc).
  • Paid - visitors who came via paid advertisements (any banner ads, Google Ads).
  • Referral - traffic from any links to your website.
  • Social – guests who arrive via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
So here are all the sources where publishers and bloggers gain all the traffic. Check them and get to the place of failures. Now here is a list of the most common causes of Google Search impressions, clicks and position drops. This is what you use after you searched and found the traffic drop point.

Your website definition does not correspond to the URL of your website
The most common cause of “missing” search traffic is a mix-up of HTTP and HTTPS. it is not a case of traffic drop but it is a technical case.

Your site still hasn’t been crawled by Google

You updated something or may be released and published your page, but Google hasn’t indexed it. This does not happen at once, though many users suppose that Google works immediately. Unfortunately this issue can take a week or more. And you have to stay calm, drink tea and wait till it is completed.

Your site has gone missing

Your page may be removed or harmed, and this problem usually happens because of some manual action. Go, test and verify that your website is still searchable on any search engine. There are some clear instructions to solve the problem, or maybe you have to put the request for your blog or page to reappear in search.

Your website was recently relocated

Changing the domain name or existing pages on the same site to new URLs may be a cause of some traffic issues. And a switch from HTTP to HTTPS is a trouble making thing too.
You can manage this if you go to your Index Coverage report and check it. Your index must be covered. Check the chart for any changes in the indexed pages. Display indexing errors, warnings and find out all the spikes that match your indexing drops and investigate this issue further.

The next part of diagnosing all the traffic drops is to check the statistics of all your traffic. Search it and look through it.
This is a checklist on how to find out numbers for your site have changed.
  • Go to your site’s Performance report
  • Look at the impressions, CTR, position data
  • Find a decrease in a particular category by looking it all by query and country
  • Check your page’s Mobile Usability report, find out it your traffic coming from mobile devices has been decreased too
  • If there are some particular countries with lowering traffic, it may be cause you set your site targeting incorrectly by some accident
  • The URL Inspection tool is a thing to see if your traffic decreased around any specific page
You must also check traffic issues with all your images and videos. They may be damaged too.

Dropping CTR and impressions

A tiny list of tips helping you to improve your CTR and impressions. If there is a significial drop, you may use the hints Vimmy gives you.
  • Check your page’s compatibility with mobile devices. Run the Mobile-Friendly test or go to the Mobile Usability report.
  • Сompare your mobile and desktop impressions separately and complete a report. Analyze desktop vs. mobile impressions.
  • Check your webpage index, if it is okay or not.
  • Check if someone outperforms you, go to Google and just google - an incognito search for those queries is necessary. If anyone is ranking higher than you, here’s the thing.
  • Check the correct audience and language, sometimes target errors occur, and the ad aiming may be wrong.
  • If your page is not canonical, it does not appear in Google search results. Only pages which are supposed to be canonical are included into search results. You can use the URL inspection tool and monitor your pages.
  • Copied content is a huge disaster. Some people steal big pieces
  • of someone’s unic texts and materials to improve their webpages. So some real portions of websites come from somewhere else in order to attract visitors. But there is a tip you can use. Put a bogus takedown request, so if someone took your posts, you can try and punish them.

Your organic traffic may be decreased because of various reasons. It drops, but do not panic if you notice that it declines or dips. Check if your page has filters or penalizations. If not, it is just a perfectly normal ongoing SERP fluctuation. It happens and you need to monitor all the stats, changes and traffic drops.

Analyze all the traffic sources you have - and when you find your touchy spot, you can finally work on it. No actions or changes are necessary until you develop a clear plan with a well done strategy.

And if you use Vimmy, go to your account and check your statistics too. This is how you may find new insights on your website profits and revenues.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 703-min.jpg

What’s a landing page? That’s a good way to convert. Plain and simple, so you must work on them, improve them if you want better revenues and remember that a landing page is your first point of contact between you and your users. It tells your story - who you are, what are your offers, where to get in touch. ☎️

This is why an advertiser cannot skip doing an elaborated landing page. It must have much quality to generate high revenues and bring you the highest income possible.

What’s necessary for a well done landing page?
  • A strong H1 headline with a detailed description
  • A unique selling point getting the attention of users
  • The advantages of your offer
  • Images showing how your product is used
  • Some video showing your product
  • A super-strong call to action

✔️ Find a landing page builder

Lots of useful and simple software can be installed to help you and make your landing page creation simpler. Research before you choose because programs are various. Compare several of them and pick one.

✔️ Keep your landers mobile friendly

Do not miss your mobile conversions! Check the speed of downloading. Make sure all videos play properly. Texts and visuals must be seen clearly from a mobile view. Resize images for mobile view. Delete or correct irrelevant cross-links or faulty redirects.

✔️ Check your SEO

Check if you use all the necessary relevant keywords. Use website SEO plugins and extract valuable website data with top of the range website crawlers. Work and optimize your web page visibility with the Google Search Console.

✔️ Check your content

Test your conversion rate optimization, test various offers, images, visuals, calls to action. See what works for you.

Run two different landing pages, compare them, note what’s working and what’s not. Run the best results in your next campaign and do not forget to renew your research.

Keep your CTA and test it if it works. If your results do not change, improve and correct your CTA. Find some more variants, look for a powerful and catchy one.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 710-min.jpg

Large list of instruments you may use for a successful blog promotion

This is a large list of instruments you may use for a successful blog promotion. You rather combine them and make a complete plan, but if you doubt, you may use just several sources, of course. Vimmy gives you all the information - and you measure and manage your opportunities.

Email marketing

Lots of people would say that emails are in the past. Nope, they are not. it is still a way of communication. And it still remains the most powerful and cost-effective means of communication. Many people still prefer it. So you better think and decide before you say that you do not need any email marketing at all.

Build your email list. It is the most effective way to convert organic traffic into engaged readers. And they will come back to your blog to read it again and again. Email notifications when your posts and articles are published provide your readers with all the news from your blog.

There are some tips to get some more subscriptions:
  • Show the benefits of reading your posts to your subscribers. Why is it necessary to read? What is in it for them? What are the pluses?
  • Use the verbs of actions in your buttons with some actions saying what to do. This is a CTA, call to action method.
  • Write all your emails short and clear, they must be straightly leading to the point. Directing users to go to your blog and start reading.

Using text or visual emails? No one knows exactly, people are different, and their choices may be various. But nowadays users prefer text emails and no large and huge images. And some email clients block emails with HTML. Anyway, do not spam and overuse plain text letters.

Send letters with the news, tell people that you have new posts, wrote new trending articles, share your old but perfect texts. Create some letters for users to enjoy and check out your content. Do not miss your chances to share best-ofs and curated content. This also adds a lot of value by sharing other people’s great content

Add social shares directly from emails. This gives you more shares and users send your content and link to your blog post. You just must add create the link from the Share Link Generator and include it in your email

Social media marketing

This method gives you more exposure and ultimately boosts traffic and shares. But it is not as simple and fast as it may seem to you. There must be a clear and detailed social media marketing strategy. Choose several social media networks which are closer to your blog. Do not forget to think about the relevance and suitableness. There must be necessary brands or influencers which you may need later. Pick some media groups to join.

Be present on your chosen social media platforms and write good detailed and attractive posts regularly. Do not appear with new posts. Use things like Blog2Social and Sendible, they help you to make your texts and posts to be more unique and add some trending relevant hashtags or choose a suitable image.

Use reciprocal sharing websites. Share user’s content and get your credits. When you want to post, you use this. Triberr is a fantastic blog tool which imports posts via RSS. You may pay attention to Viral Content Bee. It is a useful and nice tool that promotes bloggers’ content on social media sites which are like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Check out niche social bookmarking websites. Share your content on niche-specific sites to get your relevant traffic and more shares which are relevant too.

Include your blog link in your social media profiles. If you have a blog, just announce everyone where you have your social media profiles. It works! If you have content, you may share your posts everywhere and someone will definitely come and read it. You can never guess how it turns out to be.

Share your blog posts on social media right when you publish them. If you have social accounts. you better share your blog news as soon as they are done. Fresh and quick immediate retweets, likes and comments are good, and shares are good too, but credits depend on time. Immediate reactions are at the top.

Influencer marketing

There are several ways of doing this. You may mention any suitable influencers for your social media posts. And you may take an interview and speak to any influential blogger. Do not forget to give a link to your post to share. This usually works. And do not forget to comment on some top niche blogs, so the other commenters notice you. If you put some necessary comments with good suitable information, people will go and check your blog. Maybe even the blog owner asks you about some guest materials.

Paid marketing (social media advertising)

First you have to look through all the ad types and formats for various social media networks. There are some various tips about demographics and advertising formats for each social media. So do not forget to do your research.
Check all the essential things. Choose the best social media for your ads. Think where your target audience hangs out. Pick up a format, is it an image, a video, a text. Count your budget. And then after you did all this you may look through the ads and variants.

You may choose:
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Instagram Carousel Ads
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Twitter Promoted Tweets
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
This was not a whole list of means and methods, but they all work and bring success if you write a plan and complete your strategy. Do not try to be as fast as you can, but try not to waste too much time. Be somewhere between. And remember that results come after actions.

Advertising networks

This is a way which is more easy and affordable. Of course, paid social marketing works, but it is not the only thing possible. Vimmy is an example of an understandable and resultable tool for buying ads and having more traffic. Advertising networks are more clear and sometimes even cheaper than social media ads, if you know how to use all this. Vimmy has a good 24/7/365 support team which will help you to get your first traffic and learn all the nuances.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 721-min (1).png

When and how to scale a campaign.

Let's not make loud statements “How to increase ROI by 100% and increase profit to the skies”. We don't have an answer to this question. Each individual campaign is individual and unique. In some cases, nothing will help. The horse is dead - get off.

In this article, we want to discuss what parameters you can rely on in order to understand whether it is time to scale up your advertising campaign.

The good news is that in affiliate marketing “success” is measured easily and clearly - by profit numbers, and if you don’t engage in self-deception and just "hope of a better", it’s quite simple to determine whether to scale or not.


Starting to scale after one day of good tests - it is not how it works.

After the first conversions, at least you need to optimize and only after that evaluate whether there is a positive dynamic.

Let's take a look at what we see most often after testing:

High CTR, but no conversions.

It most likely means that something is wrong somewhere. Pause the campaign and check everything thoroughly. Does the landing page open correctly? Does it load at all? Is all information displayed as it should be? Are the links inserted correctly?

If you managed to find an error, fix it and test it again.

Low CTR and no conversions.

How to increase CTR, read in this article.

Inappropriate creative, squeezed out traffic, wrong target audience.

There is nothing to scale here.

Into Null

Namely, what was earned on the campaign, plus or minus the same amount as was spent on it. There is no profit yet.

In this case, it would be more logical to carry out basic optimization and disable sources that do not bring conversions. In a few days, look at the dynamics of ROI, if it doesn't go up, by scaling it - a risk of draining the budget. If you decide to take a risk, keep an eye on campaign statistics.

ROI has a positive trend

Everything is rather obvious here. ROI is the main parameter for deciding on scaling, if it is positive for several days, then you can scale.

Even with a positive ROI, be sure to look at the statistics. Everything can change and turn from green lines in the tracker to red lines.

Ways to scale:

  • Add new traffic sources.
  • Add advertising formats, for example, if the offer converts on push notifications, you should definitely try the In-Page Push format.
  • Add new GEOs if the offer allows it.

Scale or not? That is the question.

Scaling successful bundles is part of the daily work of an affiliate and the next step after the tests.

To successfully scale a working bundles, first of all, you need to understand what kind of traffic is needed.

Get down to analytics with a fresh mind, select sites that bring conversions. Disable ineffective landing pages and creatives, languages, browser versions. Analyze your win rate and choose the right bid.

Once you have an understanding of what traffic is needed for your offer, start running campaigns in other advertising networks. Try new formats, connect new geos. Create duplicate campaigns, it often helps to get more traffic. Ask your account manager about the current state of affairs at the auction, top bids on the zones you need. Try to become top 1 on these sites to get maximum traffic.

When launching, optimizing, and scaling campaigns, keep strategy in mind and stick to it. In order not to wait for random bursts of profit, but to maximize the chances of profitable campaigns.

Scale wisely, based on the numbers and everything will work out!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 733.png

Bot prevention. No bot traffic is allowed!

When publishers test and use bots for their web pages, there is no real understanding about it affecting all the useful efforts. And even if there is a wish to prevent and stop bot wave, there is no chance and no knowledge. The main point is that every publisher must know how to identify if some parts of your traffic come from bots.

  • Check your page load speed
  • Trace the sources and find the one with soaring traffic
  • Verify traffic sources and IP address
  • Try checking browser versions or devices
  • Test for duplicate content
  • Use fake traffic detection tools

One of the main things is to detect all the traffic which comes to your page from unknown sources, but this does not mean that it is full of bots. To be more clear, if most of your traffic comes from any particular country and there’s a sudden increase in traffic from a different country, you must be prepared. This is a huge percentage of bots coming to you.

All the suspicious geolocations, multiple visits, outdated browsers are a sign of bots too. Look for unusual traffic spikes from a particular browser or device, and here you find your bots.

Bot attacks and traffic may affect your content. Your webpage depends on it, it is your treasure giving your impressions and visitors, so be sure that you have no bots. They make your content lose its meaning and purpose. So check for duplicate content to ensure that no scraper bots are present on your site.

Stopping bots

Vimmy team gave you some hints on identifying bots in your traffic. Filtering bot traffic and searching for its prevention is rather important. It is not a huge deal to save your webpage and decrease bot damage. But first you need to find out what is the traffic source which caused your problems and issues. All the solutions depend on it.

Bots are like some virus danger. They attack your page and steal your data. A lot of problems appear, and damage is huge sometimes. And if you find some bots in your traffic, you must do something against them immediately and act as soon as possible. You cannot block all the bots. There are some good bots like search engine crawlers. So your goal is to protect your page from bad bots.

There is a list of tips on how to prevent malicious bot actions.

  • Buy only legal paid traffic from well known sources
  • Place robots.txt on your website to prevent bad bots from crawling your pages
  • Set JavaScript for bot alerts and notifying you about bots
  • Install a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) protection or a good anti-malware extension
  • Examine the server log error files, because bots attempt to overrun servers
  • Use Type-Challenge Response Tests (TCRT): Add CAPTCHA to download or signup forms, especially from spambots


Bots are able to ruin your revenues and business very easily. They harm webpages and cause impressions’ failure and SEO penalties. So every publisher has to learn and take all the means and measures for bot awareness. Defending your page, tracking and stopping bot attacks is not as easy as you may wish, but it is not too complicated. Vimmy team told you some important tips.

Do not forget that prevention is more easy than fast stopping. Taking some preventative measures is a great idea to keep your page safe. No hackers and malware will damage you. It is almost impossible to block all the bot traffic ever existing, but you can filter good bots.

Finally just choose a vital solution for a high level of accuracy which will provide your safety. Test all the ways and means and improve your weak spots if it is necessary.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 748-min.png

Pre-promotion checklist for your blog

Just having a blog is great, but not enough to start a promotion and put your blog in public. This is not as fast as you may wish. Public eye demands some checking and preparation. And not every blog which exists needs public attention and more views. Being popular is nice but this is also a thing which needs your responsibility and many hours of hard work.

Any blog which became popular got this because of a reason. Usually it is a compelling unique selling proposition. No popular blogger can be trusted if he or she gives much spam generation.

The most fundamental issue is to find out what makes your blog unique. And keep this in mind while beginning making a bit more content according to this and working to promote it.

But first pay attention to the following pre-promotion checklist. It is helpful and Vimmy team brings it here to ease your blog promotion work.

Analyze if you need to hire freelancers

Promoting a blog is a hard task to do, it needs multiple tasks and managing your resources. Sometimes your power is not enough, so an issue about hiring freelancers may pop out. If you need time and energy for some other deals, you may employ various freelancers and do not give any worry. A team will work on your project and you will manage while you are on the go or busy or doing whatever else. And if you have no promotion plan, a team of specialists will help. All the most critical aspects of your blog promotion strategy will be considered and a perfect solid project management plan will be created. So all will be done step by step and checked properly.

Ensure you have high-quality content

No low quality in your blog. Make sure it is all useful, helpful, one-of-a-kind and relevant to your services or products.
Follow some trends, do not worry. Evergreen content is okay, but the more trends you take, the more relevant your brand is and the more interest it raises. Trends, seasonality, current events can help to bring more users to your blogging page. And do not forget to check readability, grammar and even SEO. Just a copy-and-paste article is not enough and even bad for Google searching engines.

Make your blog searchable

Content optimization is your fundamental thing. Use on-page and off-page SEO techniques properly in order to help your content appear in search engine results pages. Check all the keywords if they include high-ranking terms. When you write posts, mention keywords surely. And use relevant links to internal pages and authoritative and trustable external sites. SEO helps users to find your blog and share it if they like it. So do not skip it.

Build relationships with your readers

Readers are your fundamental and beneficial thing. So if you build real strong relationships with them, you may gain a certain positive base for your business. To begin, establish and grow a loyal readership you need to make good content of course.
Building off-site relationships with some other bloggers who have a loyal audience and some businesses with good reputation is a good idea too. It is a real way to leverage genuine relationships for blog promotion. And do not forget to share other people’s content everywhere. Social media, emails and links are important. You can never guess what you get and who comes to you, so do not miss any chance for useful relationship generation.

This was a small guide for those who plan to monetize their blog but have no idea how it works. And no ideas about any preparations of course. Vimmy team gives you necessary hints and tips to make your check fast and resultative.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Frame 750-min.jpg

Monetize it faster! Getting free content and articles​

One can find free entertaining materials, articles, texts and pics almost everywhere now. But do not use the way which is mostly used, the simple “copy-paste” method. Texts must be original and unique, otherwise Google ranks it lower and the search engine does not score your content.

Tips to get good and free website content

Check if the text is original
There are lots of instruments to do it. The text may be copied too, and it is a certain trouble. Original texts are better.

Enrich and rewrite the content
You cannot just copy and paste, this is not worth doing it. Find some more facts and information about the article subject, take free sources of course. Combine it all and rewrite it all. This is your unique material now. It is valuable, interesting and useful.
But make sure you are allowed to remake, check the Terms of Service first.

Use remade content and your unique posts both
Do not forget that combining and remaking is nicer, but writing something extraordinary and new is two times better. So use this and this, just changing and rotating your content parts. The number of your own articles must dominate.

Check all the SEO-important elements
They are titles, descriptions, H1, H2, H3 headings. Be sure they are all done good, all the keywords are included. Put some cross-links to increase your traffic and boost it a bit.

Types of free content which can be used safely

PLR content for websites and blogs

if the text, Ebook, article is marked PLR, you may take and use it. Also it is okay to rewrite, put additions, copypaste, etc. But do not forget to name the author or owner.

MRR licensing
It is a type of license when you cannot change any pieces, but you can resell the product and the rights to someone else.

Royalty-free assets
No payments are needed, but there is an initial purchase or requirements to credit the author of the content. This type of content is popular but tricky. Read the terms of use before you use it.

Sources of free website content

There are dozens of sources with lots of articles and multimedia for free. You can start with some of them. Choose which you like. Later you are free to search and discover more.
If you pick your content - name the authors. Various articles from any free content source are not free for copyrighting. Always check this.

Free articles for websites and blogs:
#1 Source of Free Articles, Free Guest Posting, Blog Posting Articles

PLR content directories and websites, free and paid:

PLR Products 2022 | PLR Content | Master Resale Rights
Free PLR Articles!! - PLR Content Project

Free blog title and ideas generators:

Blog Title Generator 《SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Plugin》
Start Writing Kickass Headlines (And Increase Conversions)

Always balance quality, speed, and efficiency. Do not be too perfect, but stay on legitimate ways to get free content and make your own of course. Some free content is nice for beginners, but later put more effort and spend more time improving your article and texts. Your profit must be noticeable. If your webpage starts increasing your revenues, you may feel free to put more time and effort into original content and unic materials.