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Really good video, but that's only about WH on youtube. To reach top 1-5 in the bigger keyword you need tons of HR Views, comments, and subs. Most of them you can get in smmpanels but combined with the instruction that that video you can make your business serious.
Good video, just be mindful that SEO is a very saturated topic on youtube, even Neil Patel has mentioned the SEO rut many businesses are stuck in this year, once everybody knows a trick - it becomes less effective

Regardless your video will surely help others new to the scene :)
I have implemented the steps that you have shared and have uploaded a video yesterday, got 5 views in 4 hours. Looks like the method is working. Will follow the same and create more videos.

Thank you.

Thanks for posting this as I just started a Youtube channel and will like to grow it. Can you please let me know the software you are using in this video as I couldn't see it properly.