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Retreaver | Tag, Track, Route calls

Your calls have data, Start using it!

  1. Alex Asadi
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    Retreaver | Tag, Track, Route
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    Dedicated numbers are $1 a month and calls within the US are 5 cents a min.
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    • CC
    Retreaver helps marketers, agencies and brands better understand their customer journey. Our cloud based software provides real-time inbound call data by tagging, tracking and routing the caller to the appropriate person, or department. Leverage data from popular marketing solutions such as HubSpot, Eloqua and Instapage to deliver personalized experiences and increase conversion rates. By taking advantage of this data, you'll identify which campaigns drive the most revenue, increase customer satisfaction and promote higher conversions.

    Retreaver offers the ability to create your own call data properties based off custom tags. Anything you can imagine could be created into a custom tag, these tags become associated with a number or phone call giving you more control over your campaigns and analytics.

    Retreaver supports a growing variety of third party integrated platforms and allows full access to its API, allowing you to integrate its features into your own pages and enabling very powerful tools for savvy agencies looking to get the most out of their sales efforts.

    By optimizing our operating costs we're able to pass those savings unto you. We have no contracts or forced monthly obligations and we offer highly competitive pricing models for our clients.

    For more information on Call tracking view our short video:
    "What is Retreaver?"

    We also have an in-depth knowledge base:
    Retreaver Help Center

    Retreaver Platform
    Retreaver | Tag, Track, Route

    In summary, we at Retreaver:
    1. Allow full access to our API without monthly paywalls
    2. Provide unique and powerful platform customizability
    3. Expand your network and connect you with other agencies
    4. Offer competitive pricing models with no contracts
    5. Extend a quick and reliable support team