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VIDEO - How to Boost Sales Conversions Screencast

Linda Buquet

Working on a new product site? Want to start tweaking your existing site's product pages for increased 4th quarter conversions? Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant I think you'll agree this screencast is offers some good examples and great tips.

I've really been enjoying the screencasts the Conversion Rate Specialists over at Future Now have been doing. Tune in as <a target="_new" href="">Bryan Eisenberg evaluates the conversion power</a> of product pages from 3 top e-commerce sites - Fingerhut, Best Buy and TigerDirect. Bryan shows us what they do well and offers suggestions for how they could improve conversions.

He primarily focuses the conversion analysis on formatting of the copy and links, product image views and the power and placement of the Calls to Action.

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<strong>Read the full post here: <a href="">Screencast: Optimizing E-Commerce Product Pages</a></strong>