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Content is kind. Everyone knows that but "not all content is created equal."

Search for anything on Google, click on a number of the links in the SERPs and you'll discover that the articles are almost the same. One blogger wrote the article and others did some simple re-writing and posted it on their blogs. If someone has read the article and they land on your site and find content that they saw on some other site then odds are they may not come back to your site because they don't expect to find something there which hasn't already been published elsewhere on the net.

So how do you create valuable content which can't be found elsewhere on the net?

Visit forums in your niche and take a look at the questions being asked. Your blog posts should answer those questions. That content would not only be valuable but it would also get your more traffic because no one can find it elsewhere on the net.

T J Tutor

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Everyone has their own writing styles. Modified content is nothing new. This is done widely and is usually at the core of a post like yours. You are correct, loads of rehashed material out there. However, when someone develops a unique writing style, and content development style, it is this uniqueness that generally captures the reader or user. There are thousands of versions of materials in every corner of knowledge, people are drawn to not just the substance of the material, but they are equally drawn to the way material is both represented as well as presented.

I am a content writer and developer. I do so in multiple niches and have developed writing styles as well as content development and delivery unique to the target audiences. This may what you are experiencing without knowing that many of us learn to delver the content in a fashion that is unique to the target users.