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Honestly I really don't think you need an eBook on how to use Blogger. Just follow their instructions and you're all set. eBooks will just show you how to exploit Blogger which will only work for a short while before they delete your blog.

However, if you still desire one here's a $7.00 resource that will point you in the right direction for blogging: Don't spend any more than that :D


Hi Joe,
I agree with Stephen on this one: you don't need to spend any money for learning how to work with Blogger. Believe it or not, they have an extensive help section which shows you how to set up a blog, post blog entries, or even update your blog theme.

If you're looking for a resource on how to earn money using Blogger or through blogging, there are a few free ebooks which could prove helpful. Blogging Notes (PDF) from a couple years back is a great overview of blogging, what blogging is, and how to set up a blog. Google even offers their own free Blogger Overview (PDF). And if that ain't enough, there's always a custom Google search. :)

Feel free to post any specific questions about Blogger or what you were hoping to do with Blogger, and we'll try to answer them.

~ Teli

Joe Johnson

Thanks for replying I will check out the resources you mention. I see alot of blogger blogs that have pictures, affiliate ads, videos on them. Just trying to catch up to speed.