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Use of Meta Tags

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by zonie, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. zonie

    zonie New Member

    I just have a new website launched and I suddenly found myself becoming fixated with SEO. Are meta tags still in use? The ebooks and other resources I?ve read have different points on meta tags.
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  2. Voluum
  3. Karim El Sheikh

    Karim El Sheikh Affiliate affiliate

    Meta tags aren't really that important when it comes to ranking on search engine. You should add them anyways but they have little value these days when it comes to getting ranked. Inbound links as well as lots of good HTML content are what search engines generally focus on.
  4. winningratings

    winningratings Affiliate affiliate

    Yes Meta Tags Still Work

    First I would be careful with ebooks you have read - they are usually crammed full with all manner of ads rather than good reliable content

    You will find META tags are vital - simply because some search engines will not list your site at all if you dont have META tags or have set them up wrong. Google however will generally ignore meta tags - so they are of limited use

    Far more important is the overall setup and template of your site and your pages. Its a good idea to target different keywords on each page and set everything up to optimize your page for that keyword or keyword phrase e.g. TITLE tag, H1 tag, content, ALT tags etc

    Many sites mix up all sorts of different keywords on their pages, with the result that the search engines dont actually know what the page is really about

    So my advice is certainly make sure every page has its own unique set of meta tags - do some good keyword research and check out the other sites who are also targeting those keywords to see if their pages are lacking somewhere in optimization - that could give you a way in

    Best of luck
  5. Bodhost

    Bodhost Guest

    Use of meta tags is still in use my dear friend. Meta tags are most helpful in driving traffic to your website and also to rank well in SE. The only thing which should be remembered is proper utilization of meta tags. If you dont have keywords in head of your HTML code, SE spiders will not crawl your website. Therefore choosing the keywords used in your meta tags are very important
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Big Clarification here. There are over 10 types of meta tags.

    TITLE Meta tags are VITAL!

    Description meta tags are still a good idea. Some engines will pull decription from your page or from DMOZ.

    Keyword meta tags are touch and go, with many engines not reading them anymore.

    For awhile I was purposely leaving out description and KW and it seemed G like the pages better and ranked them higher because they didn't appear to be heavily SEO'd. That was a couple years ago when I notice lots of MOM & POP sites that weren'e SEOd were geting high rankings. It's not so true any more but just an example of how you need to stay up with what the engines are doing.

    A big important issue with meta tags and page content is to be sure they are all consistent. So if your key phrase for a page is the Best Bass Fishing Lure, be sure that phrase is in the Title tag, description, KW tag IF you use one, PLUS VERY IMPORTANT in the actual title of the page in an H1 or H3 font (for awhile H3 was working better than H1, not sure if it's still true.)

    Then the phrase needs to be in the body of your page a few times too. How many times? Depends on the engine, they each like different KW frequency.