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US Biggest Lead Generation Niches?


bruce bates

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I am not sure where others are getting their research but all my research has shown that the top markets by growth in the US are:

1. Marijuana
2. CBD
3. Life Coaching
4. Debt Management
5. Weight Loss

Lead Network

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Affiliate Manager
Normally, the price of the lead is $2-$230 depending on the uniqueness, 90% of this price is commissions. So, if you have a good traffic it will be the most profitable niche


Yes, do agree with. Online surveys are converting much better than previous. But it really finds to some network who give me $2 per lead only just email submit?
If you are interested in the online survey niche, I think the best way to do that is to start a GPT website, it will convert more because you will have a membership website with returning members who will complete surveys multiple times. It is more professional and trustworthy in this way and better than just a landing page. Moreover, you will be able to partner with networks that support incentivized offers.


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  • Home mortgage loans --re-fi in particular
  • Domestic air travel (within the US)
  • Off-grid solar as opposed to Netmetered Solar
  • Plumbing-Roofing-Electrical home repairs mainly
  • Home Improvements that are not too lumber heavy (until prices return to a more normal level)
Some of the above is seasonal