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Did you catch the days when Snapchat was the new breakthrough? Did you know that the company was so popular that Facebook tried to buy it for $3 billion but was turned down?

It’s fair to say that the “better days” are a thing of the past, as global search interest in the platform has dropped by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Does this mean Snapchat is a waste of time for affiliate marketing? Not really…

iMonetizeIt team welcomes you to a new series of guides dedicated to social media. Today we want to tell you about Snapchat, the once-popular platform.

Now iMonetizeIt has witnessed some very successful cases using Snapchat, so we are well acquainted with the “pitfalls” that need to be considered for success.

We will look at what this app offers us, what opportunities it provides for promoting marketing campaigns, and how these steps can help us achieve high ROI!

Why Snapchat?

Today, it is no longer the trendiest app in the world, but Snapchat still has a huge user base. Although growth has definitely slowed in recent years, it is still on an upward trend.

In contrast to global social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat’s audience is dominated by only a few countries. It is especially popular in the U.S., which accounts for almost a third of all users.


As for social networks, Snapchat’s audience is not the biggest, in fact, it is not even in the top ten. However, we all know that size is not the most important thing


So why is the Snapchat audience worth the maximum attention? The answer is simple: Snapchat’s audience is one of the youngest social platforms. More than 3/4 of users are between the ages of 14 and 34. Considering the fact that most of the users are millennials and “zoomers,” this is a green traffic light signal to their buying power.

These users are very active, because according to Snapchat’s own statistics, 332 million people use it daily, and they access the app at least 30 times a day.

What drives them to come back?

Because people really like using Snapchat (at least they do, based on research done by Snapchat). The platform makes them feel creative, artistic and lots of other positive adjectives.
And it’s also important to note that users not only spend their time watching video content, but are also ready to make impulse purchases.

Affiliate marketing and Snapchat. Does it exist or how to develop a successful affiliate marketing campaign?

Many of the social media platforms we’ve previously described (and you can find case studies on our blog) have some restrictions that make it difficult to promote campaigns, but Snapchat is one of those few platforms that does not provide any restrictions in terms of the supposed link you are promoting.

On platforms like Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, webmasters must follow a strict set of rules for promotion and ad placement, as well as the number of followers they need to insert a clickable link.

For its part, Snapchat is introducing a new innovation to its platform that allows you to place direct links in every single post. No matter how many subscribers you have. And that means that Snapchat is actually a fantastic platform for affiliate marketing campaigns.

There are three ways to organically add our “affiliate” links to Snapchat (without showing ads on Snapchat – more on those later):

  • In photos sent to your followers
  • In Snapchat stories
  • In one-on-one chats
It’s ridiculously easy, and most importantly for us – convenient. You just have to click on the “link” button, insert your URL, load the page and click on it again to insert it into the photos.

It looks like this:

1) After we took the picture, the toolbar opens in the right corner (on some devices you need to click on three dots to display all the tools). We click on the “staple”.

2) Enter our link, let’s take the iMonetizeIt website as an example, and click on it:


3) If the link is correct (this is really what your potential lead will see), then click on the “staple” again:


The easiest and fastest link integration is available with Snapchat. In addition, the link is also clickable.
This link integration is possible if you do these 3 simple steps:

1) An example of picture looks like:
4англ .jpg

2) An example of what Snapchat’s story looks like:



These methods give you many potential ways to make yourself known to customers. You can promote links extensively with regular posts and stories, or take a more personal approach with individual direct messages. And it’s all completely free!
This makes it more variable than platforms like Facebook and TikTok, which put a lot of restrictions on the types of links you use and how you can add them.

Use augmented reality

Most Snapchat users love augmented reality (AR) and actively use this feature when sharing photos. It’s a set of real settings that integrate with virtual objects, text, and graphics that you can interact with (for example, if you blink, it adds some effect, removes or puts on glasses), and some are shown as masks that modify your photo.



By integrating AR elements into your own images and stories, you can attract the attention of new audiences, as on average more than 180 million users interact with this content every day.
Many companies are already creating their own augmented reality lenses and masks to promote themselves as a brand. But, you don’t need to do something as complicated as developing your own lens, instead, use the available ones! Snapchat has a selection of popular lenses that are successful with its audience. So you need to create a recognizable picture for users that they are ready to follow due to the fact that they like it.

Creatives. Don’t be too annoying!

Snapchat is definitely not the place for huge messages and tons of text. Try not to bombard your users with a huge amount of information. Keep it simple and short by the way. Show what the user gets when they click on your link, and don’t forget about demographic statistics: location, age, and gender. The more accessible and understandable you make your offer, the more conversions you can expect.

As for the creatives, the idea is to show users ordinary people with natural faces that surround them every day.

A very useful feature is that we can make videos from 10 to 90 seconds long, where we can insert “viral” music.
You can also create a series of shots to be viewed in order, but keep in mind that not all users will actually find the time to view them all. So be sure to include a call to action (CTA) in each photo.
This type of promotion demonstrates how simple words can be used to present Dating services to your audience with a short video.




Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat

team weighs in on the major strengths and weaknesses of the platform.


Snapchat has a very active audience that visits the platform several times a day;
• Snapchat users are young and have great buying power, which makes them an attractive audience for webmasters;
• there are multiple ways to include links, which allows for different strategies;
• Snapchat doesn’t force you to mask or shorten links to direct users to a landing page or article;
• availability of Snapchat Ads Manager;
•video integration.


if your audience is over 35, there’s a high chance they’re not on Snapchat;
• Snapchat has a much smaller user base than platforms like Facebook and Instagram;

• it’s no longer considered the “coolest” platform – that crown has been stolen by TikTok and Clubhouse;
• interest in the app has declined significantly in recent years;
• content on Snapchat is short (usually about 10 seconds), which is not ideal for positioning more complex products.


There’s no doubt that Snapchat ads are worth it, especially if we’re talking about affiliate marketing. Large and small webmasters and marketers can take advantage of mobile shopping by showing commercial ads and driving people to view and buy on their phones.
Make your ads natural by refusing to be hard to understand – be easy and accessible to your audience, because without their understanding you can hardly hope for their loyalty. Use retargeting to move people through the sales funnel. Also, don’t forget to test and optimize all of your creatives.
In the end, remember that a significant part of your user base is in the US (you can earn amounts with at least four zeros).

Want to learn more about Snapchat and other social media for launching advertising campaigns? iMonetizeIt’s team of experts can help you find a converting offer. To learn more about the best offers, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss with you all the details regarding your project!

Discover new opportunities with iMonetizeIt!
Stay tuned.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hello, @Graybeard!
Thank you for your question.

At the moment we were testing only a bunch of Dating offers + Snapchat as a social network.
If we think about advertising another vertical and it would be successful, we will be happy to tell you about it.
Stay tuned and have a good day!