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unable to make it work

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by DoubleDouble, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate


    whilst i am no where near giving up (not an option)

    I just don't seem to be able to make anything work

    I have a CTA of 1.5% on my banners
    4 angles
    3Lps + Direct link (15% CTR on the landers)

    and I am just getting no conversions!

    The offer is a browser app install, I am running it in LATAM (not brazil/argentina)

    Currently I have spend $40 optimizing (cutting placements after x3 spend, or 2K imps with no clicks)

    Any tips at all.... anyone, its so frustrating. What can i do to get a campaign into positive?!
  2. terraleads
  3. RohailRizvi

    RohailRizvi Affiliate affiliate

    Spending $40 over 3 LPs and direct linking is likely not enough to give you significant data.

    I'm not sure what the payout on this offer is, but generally app install offers are pretty dependent on the placements.
    Hard to tell what's going on here without the payout and cpm / cpc you're paying.

    My advice is to test 1 LP vs direct link to start, choose the winner, then test LPs.
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  4. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    wow @RohailRizvi , thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. I have a couple more questions if you wouldn't mind?

    people say spend xX on the offer, i.e. x20 of the offer value, in this case the offer is paying out $.27 based on what you said how would $5 be substantial for testing? what kind of testing budget would you recommend?

    in the interest of helping everyone (including me) I am happy to share some more stats on this campaign.

    payout is .27
    the offer is UC browsers,
    I am running in Columbia and Bolivia.
    CPC is $.04
    CPM is $.5
    Spend (today is $28)
    Conversions = 4
    EPC is $0.003

    Banners: (1.3% CTR)
    UC-CO-banner5_256.gif UC-CO-Banner6_256.gif UC-CO-Banner10_256.gif

    LP (10% CTR) (7% click to lead)
    UC LP1.png

    cutting placements at 2K with no clicks or x3 spend

    do you see potential here, or should I bin it and move on?
    If I move on does that mean ditching the offer all together and trying something totally new, or using the data and running in somewhere such as Indonesia/Thailand?

    really appreciate any advice.
  5. GrupoWayseer

    GrupoWayseer Affiliate affiliate

    maybe the offr is the problem, can you find the same offer on diff Affiliate networks?
    40 USD spent and no conversions at all
    i would drop it and move on

    btw what traffic source ar you using?

    Best of luck
  6. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    , yes the offer is on quite a few aff networks.
    4 conversions
    go2mobi is the traffic source.
    i am thinking maybe iwill try a diff geo and then let go.

    do you have luck with offers? if so which ones?
  7. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Did you split test the offer on different network?
  8. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    I did, appflood there were 0 conversions, Avazu 4 so far
  9. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    Let me ask you a few questions.

    1. Are other people running the offer successfully on that traffic source?
    2. Are you able to test more angles?
    3. Can you narrow down your targeting to different, small groups of people?
  10. Go2mobiGrandin

    Go2mobiGrandin Affiliate affiliate

    This offer has historically been pretty hot on our platform, but the market might be saturated at this point. The only exchange I'd recommend for UC is Smaato. I'd also try split-testing some more generic, higher CTR banners to see if that helps boost performance.
  11. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Monasco,
    1. yes
    2. tested 4 but I can do more
    3. Yes to a reasonable level, not by age or gender, but by carrier etc...
  12. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the response - could well be, yes smaato is best as the approvals are a little more relaxed. I will try a different geo and then call it quits on this one i think
  13. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    Here's what to do:
    1. Find out what angle is working best for others that are running on that source.
    2. Leverage that angle with different, "refreshed" copy which the target audience hasn't seen yet
    3. Adjust bids if there is room to increase ROI
    4. If you haven't already done so, test that same offer on different networks
    5. Make sure your budget is large enough to thoroughly and significantly test all carriers and other targeting options
    6. Optimize
    7. Get rich
    8. Find other untapped angles on that source
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