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UGLY Site Makes $10K a DAY???

Linda Buquet

Everyone on the forums is talking about the guy that makes $10,000 a day from Adsense with an ugly dating site. Several people have been writing about why ugly sites generate more Adsense income. Some speculate it's because when a site is that ugly people want to click OFF! Well I have heard some affiliates say that their ugly sites earn more than their nice sites, so I thought I would share some of this info. Even though these articles and blogs are geared more toward Google Adsense revenue, some of the principles are totally relevant to affiliate marketing.

<strong>WARNING TO ALL AFFILIATE MANAGERS</strong>: I predict you will be getting a rush of affiliates joining your programs with ugly sites. You may want to think twice before declining them. ;-)

<blockquote>From Search Engine RoundTable: <a target="_new" href="">Ugly Sites Earn More With Google AdSense?</a> - "Yesterday, I posted a thread at our forums named Do Ugly Sites Earn More With AdSense? I wrote about a recent popular article named The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites. The article discusses how a site named Plenty of Fish, an ugly dating site, made over $10,000 from AdSense in one day. The logic as to why Plenty of Fish and other ugly sites (i.e. Craigs List and IMDB) make money, is because they are extremely functional, the author states. But, in my opinion, these sites are not all that functional."</blockquote>
Granted this is old - but still interesting. <strong>Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Robert Scoble</strong> wrote the following a couple of years ago and it still holds some truth. <strong><a target="_new" href="">Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger ? The role of anti-marketing design</a></strong>:

<blockquote>"He?s Google?s #1 Adsense user in Canada. His site is pulling in more than $10,000 per day from Google, he told me, and has millions of passionate users. Tens of millions of page views EVERY DAY. Whew!

What?s the secret to his success? Ugly design. I call it ?anti-marketing design.? Huh? He says that sites that have ugly designs are well known to pull more revenue, be more sticky, build better brands, and generally be more fun to participate in, than sites with beautiful designs."</blockquote>
I have seen some REALLY ugly affiliate sites from people that I thought were pros and who generate a ton of traffic. Is this why? Is this affiliate marketing's secret sauce???? So who here builds ugly sites and do you do it on purpose for this reason??? Come on... spill! :)