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Two minds

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Mark45, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Mark45

    Mark45 Affiliate affiliate

    I seem to be in a big quandry here thinking about having a go at this but reading posts on some forums seem to put me off at times is it just best to have a go and see what happens, seems to be a up and down business this does I suppose I am concerned about spending lots of time and money then nothing happens, i know it can take a while and there is a learning curve invloved perhaps I need someone to hold my hand as it where, I dunno any thoughts comments.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Mark,

    Totally understand what you are saying. I'm sure if I was looking into affiliate marketing right now for the 1st time I would feel the same way. Everyone has opinions, tried to get started different ways and has had various levels of success or failure...depending.

    One thing I strongly recommend is starting off with a "system" one of the gurus learning systems. People can debate which one is best, but what is certain is if you just randomly follow all the advice on the forums and all the ebooks you will be like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind and there is no telling where you will land.

    Some of the top systems for learning and getting started are Affiliate Classroom, James Martell and SiteSell. They each have pros & cons so research and pick the one you are most comfortable with.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!