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Trying again


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Hi guys,

I've been involved in marketing for about 1.5 years now. I've made the mistake of buying ebooks and trying multiple projects at the same time. By the way....I believe ebooks feed the brain and the ideas they present, whether rehashed or not, can be the building blocks of new ideas.

I played with arbitrage, ran an online store (dropshipping) and played with PPC. Had some good success with the retail store, but dealing with returns and such was a pain.

So now, I've cooled the jets. I've decided to pursue ppc affiliate marketing. But, before I can do ppc, I need an advertising budget. So I've adopted a technique to build up that budget. It's labor intensive (about 1 to 2 hours a day making repetitious keyboard/mouse movements), but I currently have $320 in CJ for about 2 weeks work.

I'm researching niches looking for somewhere to invest adwords dollars once I build the budget. Any suggestions would be appreciated. For example:

How big an ad budget should I build before I launch a campaign?
Any suggestions on niches to attack?
Am I approaching this with the right mindset?

Thanks folks.

Linda Buquet

Hi stadanko,

Welcome to 5 Star. I'm glad you are trying it again and it sounds like
you have a good plan. There are some good niche ideas and tools
in our niche forum that may help you find the right niche for you.


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Welcome to the forums. It sems like you have a good game plan. Unfortunatly I do not know much about PPC. Hopefully someone will chime in here.