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Review Traffic Platform Introduction by MarkOwen

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by markowen, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. markowen

    markowen Affiliate affiliate

    Hey , i have used inmobi as my traffic source. now, i want to share piece of my conclusion.;)

    Type of network: Blind
    Established: 2007
    Main offices: Bangalore, India (HQ); San Francisco, New York, USA; London, UK; Singapore; Sydney, Australia; and Nairobi, Kenya.
    Publishers on network: Over 10,000 publishers on the network. Publishers include: Disney, Nestle, P&G, Nike, Nokia, Unilever, Samsung, Nissan, Dell, Yamaha, BlackBerry, Intel, Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson, eBay, ngmoco.
    Advertisers on network: Over 2,000 advertisers on the network generating over 10,000 campaigns. Advertisers include: FOX, Zynga, ngmoco, Ask.com, Google, glu, eHow, photobucket, ebuddy, NFL, Opera Software, Citysearch, ROVIO, newtoy, GetJar.
    Mobile ads served/ad impressions monthly: 50.4 billion (September 2011).
    Unique mobile users that see ads: Network reaches 340 million consumers.
    Geographical coverage : Top 10 countries by ad impressions in September 2011: IN 23% USA 12%; ID 8%; JP 4%; CA 4%; VN 3%; UK 3%; ZA 2%; NG -Nigeria 1.196 2%; SA 2%.
    Blind v premium advertising: 100% blind network. Advertisers can target groups of sites or categories of content, but cannot select a specific site.
    Mobile Web v mobile applications: 83:17.
    CPC (performance) v CPM (brand): 90:10.
    Specialism by publisher or demographic: InMobi is an independent broad based network covering 10,000 devices globally.
    Options for targeting ads: a) OS/device/carrier; b) Content & category; d) Demographic; e) Geo-location; f) Time of day; g) Custom persona.
    Cost range for advertiser: US $0.02 – $1.00.
    Estimated ROI for advertiser: CTR varies dramatically, but generally ranges from 0.5% to 2%.

    Any questions pm me.thx!
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