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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by trackwill, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Trackwill review: What is Trackwill? How can you make cash with it?

    Let me present to you SaaS AD tracking solution for individuals, businesses and enterprises who require to track, analyze and control their media buying, affiliate and web traffic based on pay per lead technology. Our solution creates possibilities for our clients to track and deeply analyze their big data in order to keep their marketing ROI & performance under control for a good price.

    Trackwill is:
    1. No extra costs for using ad tracking tools. Save up to 50% on tracker costs with Trackwill and use all nececcary fuctionality to make your profits grow!
    2. Technological ad tracking platform supporting over 1B impressions per day.
    3. Set-up targeting rules
      • Flexible set-up of targeting rules (up to 150 rule-based paths per campaign)
      • Geotargeting (up to city level)
      • Browser, OS, Device
      • Domain & IP Targeting
      • Dayparting
    4. Add and manage creatives and spots using Trackwill Adserver. All ad units are mobile responsive.
    5. Our team of expert developers continuously updates and monitors our platform integrity around the clock to guarantee 99.9% uptime.
    6. Flexible collaboration and workspace system.
    7. Ability to set custom conversions and metrics and generate detailed real-time reports.

    Why is Trackwill the best solution for affiliate marketing?

    By using the up-to-date advertising tools you:
    • Reduce ad costs and maximize your revenue.
    • Scale your affiliate business and track expenses, income and conversions.
    • Increase the conversion rate of your ad campaigns.
    • Take advantage of favorable terms of the tariff plans.
    • Manage all your campaigns, spots and creatives from one place.
    • Get real-time 24/7 support from our highly skilled team.
    • Receive professional media buying support.
    Integrated Ad Networks
    Trackwill cooperates with various popular ad networks. Check out the current list of our integrated networks:
    • 50onred
    • adcash
    • adnium
    • adsterra
    • adxad
    • adxpansion
    • avazu
    • bidboss
    • clickadilla
    • clickadu
    • clickaine
    • clickpapa
    • doublepimp
    • eroadvertising
    • explorads
    • ezmob
    • hilltopads
    • juicyads
    • marketgid
    • plugrush
    • popads
    • popcash
    • popudertotal
    • propellerads
    • reporo
    • richpush
    • trafficfactory
    • trafficforce
    • traffichaus
    • traffichunt
    • trafficjunky
    • trafficshop
    • trafficstars
    • ungads
    • zeropark

    Successful digital advertising formats
    Trackwill constantly follows the latest trends in the Internet marketing and therefore updates its advertising formats. Choose the most fitting for you from these best performing formats:
    • SOCIAL
    • BANNER
    • PUSH
    • POPS
    • SEARCH
    • EMAIL

    Personal Account Manager: On-demand
    Support Response Speed: Quick, few hours maximum
    Support Rating: Good. Answers questions directly
    Contact Methods: Contact form on trackwill website (for self-service account) & email
    Email: [email protected]
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    Hello and welcome to AffiliateFix!

    We love having new businesses join us! Please note though, that you cannot promote, recruit or solicit to our members until you apply and get accepted as a verified vendor in our official Resources section. This is not optional.

    You can learn more here: Official - How To Get Your Resource Listed | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

    * Please pay special attention to the list of criteria below the video and ensure that you have all of the minimum requirements in place before submitting *

    The official resource listing is a really good thing. It gives you an increased trust factor and exposure to 100,000+ members.

    It's fast, free and easy to apply but don't hesitate to let me know if you need help with your application.

    Enjoy the forums! :)
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    Welcome to AffiliateFix!
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  6. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    The forums a really great) thank you for recomedation)
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  7. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thank you very much:) I’m glad to be here
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  8. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thanks a lot! It’s my pleasure to be here)
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