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Trackwill Tracker + Adserver

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by trackwill, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    What is - Trackwill?

    Trackwill — is a service designed to track, place and broadcast advertising in traffic networks. Key features:
    • 100% uptime since 2015 on ~ 20 billion impressions per month
    • High-speed TDS with realtime traffic splitting by GEOs, ISP, browser languages, device types and a lot of other targetings
    • Smart Rotations by weight / list
    • ADserver - host your banners and work directly with publishers in Trackwill admin-panel
    • Unlimited custom domains
    • A / B test everything you want: paths, landing pages, offers, banners
    • Professional technical support 24/7
    • plans starts at 24$/month
    We also have 14 days free trial plan
    Read more about us
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